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Naivas Supermarkets Chairman Simon Mukuha Is Dead

Zack Abuyeka



Naivas Supermarket chairman Simon Mukuha

The entire Naivas fraternity is mourning the death of the supermarket’s chairman Simon Mukuha who died on Monday while undergoing treatment at the Agha Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

Mukuha was admitted at the facility after suffering a stroke. His death was confirmed by Naivas Supermarket Chief Operations Officer Willy Kimani. His death comes about 9 years after the death of his father Peter Kago who is the main founder of the giant supermarket.

The tremendous growth of the supermarket has been spearheaded by Simon Mukuha alongside his brother David Mukuha who is the retailer’s Managing Director. The two brothers each own a 25% stake of the supermarket. Their sisters Lilian and Grace also own a 15% stake each while the remaining percentage is owned by their late father’s estate.

The supermarket has steadily grown from just a simple retail store in Rongai Nakuru County to a leading retail supermarket with several branches spread throughout major towns in the country.

It is currently the second-largest supermarket chain in Kenya after Tuskys Supermarket which was founded by Peter Kago’s brother Joram Kamau who died in 2002.

Naivas Supermarket has greatly contributed to Kenya’s economic growth through the creation of numerous employment opportunities for Kenyans.

The supermarket seems to have completely replaced Nakumatt which was once the most preferred and trusted supermarket in Kenya. Nakumatt is currently a pale shadow of its former self. The exact reason that led to the collapse of the giant supermarket remains a mystery.


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