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It’s another bumper harvest  in Minnesota USA as Immigrants from Asia sell their fresh Farm Produce in the Twin Cities Farmers Market stalls across the state. In St. Paul, Farmers are having a nice time selling their farm products to their customers who have jammed their stalls and buying different types of vegetables, cereals, sweet corn, the Mong corn and a variety of traditional herbs.

Minnesota Fresh Produce

Minnesota Fresh Produce

The easiest farm produce to catch the eye of most Africans especially from East Africa is the Amaranthus blitoides (dodo) a delicacy loved by Kenyans especially from the Western Region of the Country. The other notable vegetable is Solanum Americanum or African NightShade(Managu), the Spider plant (Sagaa) and Pumpkin leaves.

Farmers Market Minneapolis

Farmers Market Minneapolis

In the recent past most immigrants from African used to dry the vegetables and bring them over to the US but got shocked that this vegetables are available locally in the Farmers market and are planted by the Immigrants from the Asian Countries especially the Laos or Hmong People who are relatives or descendants of  the Chinese people.

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