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President Yoweri Museveni Sued By University Student For Blocking Him On Twitter

Zack Abuyeka



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A Ugandan University student studying at Harvard University has sued President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for blocking him on Twitter.

Hillary Seguya, the Harvard University student lodged an official complaint at a law court in Kampala stating that the decision by the president to block him was an infringement on his rights fully guaranteed by the Ugandan constitution.

The student further sought assistance from the court to issue a permanent injunction that specifically restrains Uganda’s spokesperson from also blocking him on Twitter.

The student argued that he mainly depended on the Twitter handles of the respective government officials to get information about the governance of his country since he lives abroad.

As a Ugandan citizen living abroad, I am only capable of getting information relating to the country’s governance and communicate to the respective officers through their Twitter handles,” Stated Seguya.

Hillary Seguya was blocked by President Museveni on Twitter on July 30th after he criticised policies made by the president and other senior government officials under President Museveni’s rule.

The student seems to have borrowed a leaf from an American citizen who sued President Donald Trump for blocking his critics. The man ultimately won the case after the court ruled in his favour, stating that the President’s Twitter account was a public forum, therefore, he had no mandate of blocking his critics from participating and or reading his tweets.

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