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High School Female Student Spotted On A Bodaboda Carrying This (PHOTO)


(KDRTV) – Going through secondary school successfully is one of the toughest things to do in Kenya as much as many people overlook it. Many students go through Form One very smoothly but the moment they reach Form Two and adolescence kicks in, they become something else.

Seeing girls through Form Two has been a tough call for most parents. That is when they discover boyfriends, going to clubs, attending social events, just to mention but a few. Peer pressure is also at its peak during that period.

Alcohol and drug use is very rampant among secondary school students (both male and female) but most parents and guardians tend to bury their heads in the sand.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, students being caught with alcohol, cigarettes or any other drug in a school used to lead to automatic expulsion or suspension. But nowadays the rules seem to be tougher on teachers and parents than students.

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It is now against the law to expel a student, leave alone punish them.

There is this photo that is trending on most social media platforms showing a female student carrying something in her right pocket while boarding a motorbike (bodaboda). It looks like a bottle of alcohol.

As much as the contents of the bottle is not known, such bottles are mostly used to pack alcohol especially whiskey or vodka.

Have a look at the photo below;


What do you think the girl is carrying?

Schools are reopening tomorrow for Form Four, Class 8, and Grade 4. Many students in boarding schools started traveling to various parts of the country from yesterday depending on communication by different schools to parents.

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