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Money and Spells

Well, a talisman can be defined as a magical object which brings goodness to the owner. You have to carry the talisman all the time to attain the positive results. There are different kinds of talisman. Some are to draw good luck while some assure protection from negative energy. Similarly, the one that brings money to life is called money talisman. You can wear it as a pendant or carry it in your bag as lucky charm. But one thing: it has to be with you all the time.

A money talisman is great when you are unable to attract money in your life despite several attempts. It could be because of the presence of evil or negative energy around you. The talisman will work to ward off all the bad energies around you so that your fate shines and get to see the face of money in your life. Is your business drowning into huge loss of late? Are you trying hard to land up with your dream job that assures a fat wallet? But is it that in spite of talent and hard work, it seems like everything is slipping away from your hands? These are the signs of bad influence on you- precisely, bad energy. Negative energy is very powerful and we only condemn it with positive energy. This is what a money talisman will do for you.
A talisman is engraved with magical elements and powered with magical aura. According to the occult law, talisman should be made by someone who wants to wear it. Are you too looking to create your own money talisman? Now, there are various ways to create a money talisman.
One of them is a one that you do with lucky hand root. To do the spell, you would need- high John root, basil leaves, three silver coins and a little green bag- added to lucky hand root. There are Occult suppliers who can help you with lucky hand root & High John Root. Just make sure to get each in 1 piece. The charm won’t work if the roots are chopped. After you have gathered everything, put all of them inside your green bag. Carry it along with wherever you go to ensure good luck with money.
You can also make a money talisman by charging a stone with money magic power. To do the spell, you will need- dill, silver bowl, pine oil, patchouli, malachite and pieces of cinnamon sticks. You have to perform the ritual on some Thursday. Mix all the herbs in your bowl. Add a few drops of pine oil into it. Now, place your stone inside and shuffle up the herbs to cover up the stone. The entire mix should be kept just like that for seven days till next Thursday. On that day, take out the stone and start carrying it with you. Money will start rolling in just a few days. And yes, the bowl should be left right before your altar.

Hex Spells
What is a hex spell? In terms of magick, hex is something that is done to harm somebody. You can say it’s a part of black magic. It takers immense knowledge and practice of magic to perform a hex spell successfully. Amateurs or second time magic dabblers should not ever try their hands in hex. If they still want to do it, they must perform it under the supervision of a veteran black magician.
Now, let’s come to another part of hex spell. Is it right to perform hex spell? The question is popping up because unlike many other spells that are meant for goodness- hex spells are specifically meant to impose negativity in life. The effects of hex spell are always dangerous- ranging from tragic loss to ill health to even death at times. Thus, before you perform the hex spell, you have to be very judicious about the motive.
This is to notify here that hex spells are based on law of Karma. The ancient law says, whatever you do will come back to you 3 fold. If you harm a person unnecessarily, you will face the same consequence 3 times. So, once again, you must be very careful about your motive.
Hex spells are many and varied. In simple words, almost any kind of spell that are aimed to bring bad luck or cause harm to the victim- fall under hex spells. The most common hex spells are misfortune spells, revenge spells, nightmare spells, death spells and so on.
Before you perform a hex spell, ask yourself these questions-
• Do I really need to punish this person (the victim of hex spell)?
• Has he done something really unethical and immoral?
• Is he indifferent or proud about the consequences he brought through his evil actions?
• Am I certain about the whole incident or do I just hold a partial view of the whole thing?
• Am I having a strong feeling from within that this person should be punished to ensure justice?
If the answer is in affirmative for all the questions (except the 4th one), you can proceed with the hex spell. Once again, we know that nobody has this right to harm anybody- but at times people around are so evil that we have to take up the baton of justice in your hands. For example, there is nothing wrong in casting a hex spell on a child rapist. Similarly, if somebody has killed or harmed your near ones just for his vested interest, you have every right to avenge that. Hex revenge spells would be a great aide for you here.
However, in connection with the 4th question mentioned above- you must be very careful about getting all the facts straight before you cast hex spell on a person. Do not let an inflated and partial opinion blind your sense of justice. It’s because if a hex spell is cast on an innocent person, the spell caster would have to bear the brunt- and that would be quite a thing.

Binding Love Spells
We all want stability in love. Isn’t it true that we all wish to spend the entire life with the person we are in a relationship with at present? Absolutely. But life doesn’t always span the way we want it to be. Had it been the case, there had been no stories of unrequited love or of drifted lovers. It’s very painful to leave the one you love and end up with another person. No punishment or torture can be greater than this. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are binding love spells to help you here.
As the name says, binding love spells are love spells that help to keep the lovers together. Blessed with positive energy, these spells will make sure you two are never away from each, irrespective of the situation. A love life is not always a bed of roses. There will be challenges, fights, presence of 3rd person and so many obstacles. Many such situations might force one of the lovers (or both of them) to falter, make a mistake – only to end up being parted with true love. The binding love spells will ensure that your love and emotional bond is well guarded from all the challenges of love life. Put simply, these powerful love spells are meant to keep you two together forever, for better or for worse, till death do you apart.
In most of the cases, binding love sp

ells are performed with something (a part of ) of the other partner. For example, say you are a girl and you want to secure the relationship with your boyfriend. If you want to cast the binding love spell on him, you have to get his hair or photo. If you are about to do the magic with his photo, make sure it’s a recent one.
However, there is one binding love spell that you will do with your own blood. To do the spell, you would need- paper, red pen, 1 bowl of water, your most favorite perfume, one pink candle, salt and sugar and your blood. First you will write your and your lover’s name on the top & bottom of paper. Then, rip that paper in half. Spray the perfume on them & put them inside the bowl. Then, light up your pink candle. Now, pour salt & sugar inside the bowl. Then, pour your blood- just 3-4 drops. Get the wax from pink candle for the mix. Then, chant the magic spell. After that keep starting at your candle and visualize moments of togetherness with your lover. Spell the chant once again and get up.
However, this is to note here that binding love spell is not the only way to protect your love life. Both the partners have to try their own bit to secure the relationship. Remember misunderstanding and bloated ego are venoms for any beautiful relationship. Don’t let them ruin yours. The love spells are in no way meant to substitute your respective contributions towards a successful love life. They will just ward off negative influence from the relationship and bring in goodness so that your efforts towards securing the live life get to see the light.

Protection spells
Do you think somebody is about to harm you? Are you sensing an evil or negative presence around you for some time? Have you heard anything about protection spells? Well, these spells are meant to form a protective shield around you so that you stay guarded against the evil forces. When negative forces surround the life, you need an extra layer of protection to boots up the positive energy around you. High level of positivity wards off the negative forces to protect you from evil.
Protection spells are a lifesaver when you are passing through some kind of trouble. It could be that your life or safety is at stake due to some incident. In such a situation, you can try out protection spell on yourself for an added layer of security. Then, you can try protection spell on someone near or dear who is going somewhere where his own security could be in threat. Otherwise you can cast the protection spell just like that to keep yourself protected in the midst of a possible emergency. For example, say you are afraid of something (like water) and you are going somewhere where you would be in constant touch with water bodies. You must be feeling scary anticipating a water accident. But then, you can also get rid of all such worries if you power up yourself with a protection spell before going to that place.
There are different kinds of protection spell. One of the most popular of these spells is the one that you do with lemon juice. The ingredients needed for the spell are- lemon juice, sea salt, vegetable oil, a cauldron (light weight), black pen, paper and 2 red or black candles.
This spell would guard you when you will go to sleep. First, you will mix up oil, sera salt and lemon juice. Pour them into cauldron which should be kept down on the floor. Sit down before it and place candles on its either side. Tear your paper in perfect halves and keep the two pieces aside. Light the left candle and then the right one.
Then, you would just close the eyes & visualize a nice sphere. Imagine red & black candles burning and their smoke spinning around you. Now, visualize yourself being released. Then, open your eyes and start drawing on one of the papers. Draw what you saw just now. Use a red pen. Next, you will pen down the biggest fear of your life on another half. Use black pen. Then, you will throw both the halves straight into the fire. In the next step, you will throw the half-burnt papers into cauldron. Take the whole thing outside & pour everything (not the cauldron) into a big hole in your backyard. Cover up the hole properly with dirt.
Protection spells are a great aide when you need an spiritual shield to protect yourself from danger. However, that should not be the only line of defense for you when you are in grave danger.

For example, if you have been asked to get police protection, don’t skip out on that just because you have got protection spell.


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