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A high school teacher who was found in office NAKED with a female colleague is now recuperating in hospital.

George Odongp



stuck completely

A teacher who was caught last week with a married lady is recuperating in hospital after they were caught stuck in office and given a thorough beating before police came to rescue the two.

Sources intimated that the high school teacher, alleged to have a greedy fascination for the forbidden fruit, is cooling his injuries in a Kakamega facility.

The security guards who were among those who busted him said, on the fateful day after evening preps and when the lights were put off, the man called the teacher in his office where they started to exchange fluids before they remained tightly stuck together.

“We noticed some commotions in the office and that’s when we rushed stealthily to the scene to see what was happening,” a watchman said.

Another one narrated to the astonishment how they heard a lady from the room say, “Sii utulie hii kitu umeichapa inawaka moto,”

When media also rushed to the scene and managed to meet the husband to the woman who was philandering with the colleague. He disclosed that he had used a powerful witchdoctor to finally nab the wife whom he has been suspecting to be involved in an extra-marital affair with a fellow teacher.

“I will never allow my wife to sleep around. I have blocked it for good. Let them learn a lesson. I will only separate them if they pay me sh 300k.” he said.

When asked what he exactly did to make that successful, he mentioned Dr. Mugwenu. of Mugwenu Doctors- the popular witch-doctors- who make cheating couples get stuck.

If you are cheating with someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend you don’t need to worry because Mugwenu Doctors concoction only works on couples who are legally married.

Cases of cheating lovers getting stuck have been rampant of late, couples who are being cheated on have resorted to witchcraft to bust their sweethearts

Cheating is almost as certain as death, people just have to cheat. And this is why witchcraft has become a very lucrative business nowadays.

Mugwenu Doctors are making a killing out of cheating couples; the 60 year old witchdoctor is responsible for making adulterous couples get stuck during sex.

Mugwenu doctors (traditional witchcraft originally from Tanzania) can make cheaters get stuck. They moved to Vihiga because that is where there business flourishes – they can also operate in other places if called upon.

“Before I give out that kamuti, the complainant must convince me that they are legally married to the cheating partner. I do not do Mpango wa Kando or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships because my kamuti only works on married couples who are unfaithful, Once a complainant visits, he or she writes their full names and that of the cheating partner on a paper which is folded and placed inside the kamuti. The moment I snap it shut, the hunt is on, and moment the unfaithful partner has sex with his or her Mpango, they get stuck.

My kamti can also make a woman to start bleeding heavily when she’s about to have sex with the mpango wa Kando, while for a man, his penis will simply refuse to erect when he is with a Mpango but rise to the occasion when he is with his wife,”.

Mugwenu uses two types of kamti, one to ‘lock’ and the other to ‘unlock’. The partner who is being cheated on pays her 48000 to make the unfaithful couple get stuck. Once stuck, it’s the cheater who pays to make Mugwenu ‘unlock’ them.

The most recent case where a cheating husband got stuck happened in Tanners Estate in Mbale
A 56-year-old man was found stuck with his sister-in-law at a lodge. The man’s wife Margaret sought Mugwenu’s witchcraft to bust her philandering husband.

“I live in Mbale town with my husband, we have been married for 22 years and have five children together. He has been unfaithful for the longest time I know. Last week we sold a parcel of land to buy a car we would use in business. Instead of going to Mombasa to buy the car, he took my younger sister to Nakuru to engage in sexual activities with her. I am the one paying for my sister’s education,” Margaret Nabwire was quoted by

“This woman (Nabwire) came to me complaining that her husband was unfaithful. I told her to write her husband’s name on a piece of paper after which I used kamuti to lock him and his lover up. As evident, the kamuti has worked. I lock up philandering couple for Kes 48,000. The cost of separating a stuck couple is incurred by the victims,” Mugwenu said.

You can contact this wonderful spell casters at or call +254740637248 and they will respond to your case as soon as possible.

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