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A Nairobi man left in reeling in shock after bailing out a cheating wife who was caught having explosive sex in a car.

George Odongp




A man has narrated how a close friend went through a painful heartbreaking moment after he found out that his wife who was arrested by cops in Nairobi was having sex in a car with another man.


Apparently, the lady called her husband crying and requested him to come to the station and bail her out.


Sources claimed that when he questioned her why she was arrested, the lady said that the cops arrested her for loitering at night. It was a flat lie though!


Those who were intervened by blogs and newspapers said she was having hot lungula with a randy man in their car outside a city office. “Walikuwa wanafanya aibu kwa gari wakati polisi waliwashika,” a chokora divulged.


Writers went further to try and establish what actually had happened before the two were caught stuck in the car and someone whispered to us that it was because the man (husband) had gone to witchdoctor to find a lasting solution. That he chose apeaceful way of dealing with his ever cheating wife.


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