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A neighbour from hell: my family got a strange disease because she was jealous of our progress

George Odongp



hell no

My name is Patrick and one year ago, my parents and three siblings were attacked by a very strange disease and worse, all at the same time. Maybe the reason I did not get the disease was that I was away from home since I worked in Nairobi but the five members of my family were really sick.

They were all coughing and had developed weird wounds on their bodies. My dad called me and asked me to take them to the hospital for a diagnosis and treatment. They condition was really shocking. I actually thought they were infecting each other with the disease.

By day, their wounds escalated to huge and bleeding openings and their cough became worse and by the time I reached home to take them to the hospital, they were into much pain.

I took them to a nearby hospital in the village hoping they would get the treatment because seeing them in too much pain and agony was really painful to me. The doctor first asked for a down payment of KSh 10k in order to start treating them.

However, two days in the government hospital and I could not see any changes in my family members. They were still in so much pain and my younger brothers especially always cried and it was not hard to tell that they were possibly in the verge of death.

I asked the doctors what was wrong with them and said he did not know what the disease they were experiencing was called.

“We have done all the tests and we, as doctors have never seen such a condition. Try taking your family to another facility before they die,” the doctor said.

His information really broke my heart because my parents and brothers were getting worse by day. I however decided to take them home with me since the hospital was just minting money from me.

After reaching home, an aunt of mine came to check on them and when she saw their condition, she immediately recommended Doctor Mugwenu. She said Doctor Mugwenu was a traditional herbalist who would use herbs to treat them and even use spells to diagnose their problem.

I called Doctor Mugwenu and told him of the worsening condition of my family who had the strange disease. He offered to come check on them in our house because my family was too weak to even walk.

When he came, he did some spells to examine what was the problem and that’s when he broke the news that our neighbour had bewitched our family with the strange disease so that they would all die.

I was super flabbergasted. Doctor Mugwenu said the neighbour was jealous of my family and that was why she witched my parents and siblings with the huge wounds in their bodies. He did a spell that overpowered the witch craft that my neighbour had used and also gave them some herbs to drink.

A day later, the wounds disappeared and my family was strong again. Our evil neighbour was so ashamed to see that my family was healed and she relocated to another place. I thank Doctor Mugwenu for saving my family’s lives.

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