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A pastor goes for an adventure with the business man’s wife

Pastor caught waa
Pastor caught waa

Embarrassing moments were experienced in Embu town following an incident where a rogue pastor was caught philandering with someone’s wife who is faithful in his church.

Witnesses recounted the morning incident in which the married woman followed the pastor’s car and watched it park outside a restaurant in which the two stayed for hours.

Upon tip-going to the restaurant, the 50-year-old businessman reportedly raised alarm after finding the two in a compromising position; they were kissing.

“Alikuwa amemtoa nguo zote ana akimnyonya. Huyu mke wangu leo atanijuwa stupid,” he shouted.

Eyewitnesses further reported that an irate mob hurled stones on the man of the cloth’s vehicle, hitting him on the forehead.

It took police intervention to calm the surging crowd which was baying for the pastor’s every drop of blood.

A witness, Mr Samuel Migwi, said those who saw the errant pastor pick the businessman’s wife did not question him since he is a trusted evangelist.

This story reminds of another one that occurred last December. It was similar to this one where a cheating husband got stuck happened in Tanners Estate in Mbale while having raw lungula.

The 56-year-old man was found stuck with his sister-in-law at a lodge. The man’s wife Margaret sought Mugwenu’s witchcraft to bust her philandering husband.

“I live in Mbale town with my husband, we have been married for 22 years and have five children together. He has been unfaithful for the longest time I know. Last week we sold a parcel of land to buy a car we would use in business. Instead of going to Mombasa to buy the car, he took my younger sister to Nakuru to engage in sexual activities with her. I am the one paying for my sister’s education,”

My kamuti can also make a woman start bleeding heavily when she’s about to have sex with the Mpango wa Kando, while for a man, his penis will simply refuse to erect when he is with a mpango but rise to the occasion when he is with his wife,”.

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