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A smart Pastor’ rakes BILLIONS in a sleek city con Job.

George Odongp



fake pastor

The founder of a company Image International Group, identified as Tom Sigor is currently under investigation by authorities over what is suspected to be a con scheme under the guise of investment in an alternative currency.

According to a report by the media, the shrewd man of God is accused of conning a total of 12, 000 victims up to Ksh4.7 billion. Sigor has however refuted the claims, despite two of his directors identified as Runiga Rigathu and Amos Ndombi confirming the allegations.

Sigor who has been described as a self-styled pastor admitted to never ministering at any church. The two directors who recorded statements with the police revealed their reasons for resignations while resolving to be silent partners.

“I resigned when I realised he was running the company without our involvement,” Rigathu is quoted to have said.

Questions were even raised when the con man of cloth started to display a 180-degree lifestyle upgrade. However, he said he was met with’ one million dollar international luck’ in his small kiosk business.

Sigor is reported to have procured a new home address in Lavington, and purchased a Toyota Land Cruiser VX, in a move he defended as keeping up the image of a chief executive officer.

The Capital Authority CA confirmed it was looking for Sigor to answer to charges of irregularly collecting money the commissioner had not. authorised

When the pastor was reached for a comment, he immediately denied the allegations that he had run away with a collection of sh 4.7 billion as was alleged by insiders employed to handle finances.

“Yes, we collected money, but it was not that much. I cannot tell you how much it was,” Sigor said.

He claimed that none of the investors were coerced to entrust him with their money and even then, he saw nothing wrong in raising funds from the public.

He also indicated that he was puzzled by why people were allegedly attacking him for creating a technology company in which its subscribers would be specifically selected from Christians globally and form a core market for other platforms.

However, fresh details from the ground, according to demands from those who had already invested in the technology firm,.they are going to pile more pressure until they are refunded their hard-earned money.

One member said there will be a protest outside the offices until they receive back their money which they have since learnt went to someone’s pocket.

Njeru, another of two said, she is mobilizing more than hundred victims to take to one of the trusted traditional doctor who will make sure their money is paid back. She mentioned Dr Mugwenu from Mugwenu Herbal Doctors.

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