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A tycoon who was almost killed by mob after he was caught bonking someone’s wife in a city restaurant.

George Odongp



city drama

There was a free but shocking drama at Nyama Kima Nairobi when a rich businessman was found stuck in a room with someone’s wife.

The tycoon who runs so many businesses in the city including electrical supply shops along Ngariama Road was found at a Nyama Kima restaurant screaming for help.

According to witnesses, they first heard a female voice say, “Wooiiii nimegwama hapa niokoe(Wooi I am stuck here come rescue me),” and the man voice responded, “Usipige kelele watu watakuja watupate (Don’t make noise you may attract a crowd here),”.

But when things got to worse, the man joined the female in screaming for help as crowds milled around their room on the third floor. Well-wishers broke the door some baying for his blood before police, acting on a tip off, swung into action.

“Polisi walikuja wakawatoa hapa haraka aki huyu mtu analala na mama Wanjohi ni aibu kubwa kabisa (Police came and took them away. It is embarrassing),” a trader by the name Macharia said.

Husband to the woman who was philandering with the tycoon intimated to friends what he had done to catch up with the man. That he had to engage services of a witchdoctor who is known to punish cheating spouses. He mentioned Mugwenu Doctors. quoted him saying, “I am taking this opportunity to tell anyone on this popular blog having a similar problem to visit Dr. Mugwenu at and your problems shall be solved,”


Mugwenu said to the blog that before he gives out that kamti, the complainant must convince him that they are legally married to the cheating partner. he do not do Mpango wa Kando or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships because his kamuti only works on married couples who are unfaithful, Once a complainant visits, he or she writes their full names and that of the cheating partner on a paper which is folded and placed inside the kamuti. The moment he snaps it shut, the hunt is on, and when the unfaithful partner has sex with his or her mpango, they get stuck.

“My kamti can also make a woman to start bleeding heavily when she’s about to have sex with the Mpango wa Kando, while for a man, his penis will simply refuse to erect when he is with a Mpango but rise to the occasion when he is with his wife,” he mentioned.

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