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Daisy was married as a second wife to Mark and bore him two adorable sons. The first wife was not able to bear him any children and so Mark’s  affection, attention and love all went to Daisy and her children. A year later the first wife died of cancer.

‘’My co-wife was never happy with what was happening and at one time I tried to build a relationship with her but she constantly shut me out. I even tried to get my kids to call her mum but she warned them never to refer to her as their mother’’ said Daisy.

Daisy’s eldest son was a very active child and he loved walking with her to the market . After the first wife’s burial things began to change. One day, as they were buying groceries for the house, the son suddenly started shaking he dropped down and continued shaking, a white substance came from his mouth. He looked like he had some kind of seizure.

Daisy was so tensed after witnessing that she immediately carried her son and rushed him to the hospital. The doctor then diagnosed him with epilepsy commonly known as ‘kifafa’. She went back home and pulled the son out of school. This was not the first and the last time this happened.

Daisy was so worried about her son’s health and kept on wondering how the son had epilepsy yet both the family of his husband and her family had no one wth such a dsease that he could have inherited from. She knew the disease would one day kill her son and so she decided to seek Doctor Mugwenu’s help after she read more about his ability to heal various kinds of disease.

She went to his workshop together with the son and explained every detail of how her son started.

DoctorMugwenu then gave her a liquid portion that she was to ensure that the son drikns 3 times a day .She went back home and did as instructed and after three days the herb actually worked like a miracle. The son was able to go back to normal once again.

Daisy put him back to school and he became much more active than before.Doctor Mugwenu powers are incredible he not only helps people get rich he also has the ability to help impotent people bear children, solves divorces, he helps in wining court cases, enhances businesses,protects a family’s property. He heals diseases such as gonorrhoea, typhoid hypertension,diabetes,epilepsy among many others

He also genuinely handles all general problems like breaking curses, voodoo spells among others. Do not hesitate to call for consultation through the following;

Call; +254740637248

Email;[email protected]

Website; http//


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