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Area Chief snatched my wife and threatened me

George Odongp




I do not know what’s worse… To bust your area chief screwing your wife or him threatening you to throw you out of the locality of you dare tell anyone about it?

This was my dilemma two weeks ago after I caught both my wife and the chief, chief Kimani, both munching each other and when I tried to act out, the chief said there was nowhere I could take him since he was the head of the locality we lived which is a suburb in Nairobi.

What happened is that I went to work as usual in a media company that I worked in in Westlands. My wife was a freelancer and so she worked from home and I, would go to Westlands every day. So, on this day, I was going through my normal working day without difficulty until around 5pm when my neighbour, Julius called me and asked me if I was in trouble since he had seen the chief go into my house as if me or my wife had done something wrong.

“No, if there was something we had done shouldn’t he have summoned us in his office? I do not know what he is doing in my house,” I told Julius.

He told me he would keep me posted on what was going on and we disconnected the call. However, I was unable to be in peace after hearing he was in my house and so I left work since my wife was not picking my calls and went home. The traffic jam made arrive home at around 7pm.

On approaching my house, which was on second floor, I could see the bedroom lights were on while all the other rooms were in darkness. I therefore went, trembling a bit for some unknown reason, and while I opened the door, the first thing I saw were the chief’s shoes and I quietly went to the bedroom door and saw the worst scene in my life.

The chief was having sex with my wife telling her that she is the sweetest woman he had ever had sex with.

“You are so sweet, I have been fucking you for two months now and I can tell you are the best I have ever had sex with,” he said while I heard from the bedroom door.

Anger was rising in me and I immediately pushed open the door where I asked him what he was doing on top of my wife and he asked me what I could do now that I have found out.

“ Utafanya nini! Mimi ndio chief wa hapa na ukijaribu kufanya kitu I will chase you away from this town!” he said.

I went to him and descended on him with punches and kicks but he was this short and plump person and so he overpowered me. I ordered him to get the hell out of my house and as he went, my wife ran to the kitchen and closed herself in since she was scared of my anger.

I stayed in the bedroom weeping thinking of what I could do but I could not think of something to avenge the chief. However, in the middle of the night, I thought of using spells to teach him a lesson he would never forget. I took my phone and went online to search for a spell caster and that’s when I stumbled upon Doctor Mugwenu’s site and in the website a number was given.

I immediately called him… yes, in the middle of the night and he picked up. I narrated to him what had ensued and he asked to meet him the next day. On meeting, he cast spells of plagues to the chief that would make his life unbearable.

He then affirmed that the spells worked in 24 hours or less. True to his word, Chief Kimani called me the next day and started saying he was sorry and that I should forgive him and reverse the spells since his ‘machine’ had become extremely big that he could hardly wear a trouser.

“My thing has become so huge, and my body is full of wounds, please forgive him and reverse the spell, I beg you,” the chief cried.

It was so fun to hear him cry and so I asked him to seek a transfer to another station and stay away from my wife to which he agreed. He actually moved away to another city and my wife and I are now the happiest couple. All thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.

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