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Breaking -SHOCK as city pastor is busted live with 13 drunk underage girls in his house after a drinking spree .

George Odongp





It was reported that police launched a manhunt for a city pastor who was busted on Tuesday morning with drunk underage girls in his house in Githurai 44, Nairobi.

The rogue pastor identified as Meshack, the owner of the Miracle Time Christian Church, is reported to have taken the 13 underage girls on a night-long drinking spree.

Some of the girls were overly drunk and when interrogated, they said they had been invited to the pastor’s house for a birthday party where they were given alcohol.


The randy pastor is also believed to have sexually assaulted some of the girls after neighbors recovered used condoms from the house.


The pastor managed to escape when angry parents stormed his house while two men found in the house were arrested and detained at a Police Station.


Word on the street, though, had it that parents to the victims went a notch higher to solicit for ways of catching up with the randy man of cloth.


“Sisi lazima huyu mtu tumpate tumfunze adhabu hatuwezi muacha na amearibu watoto wetu wadogo,” an aggrieved woman shouted.


When asked what they would have to do, she was the first to mention how she will have to report the man to a powerful licensed traditional doctor who can make thieves eat grass.


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So when she made good her threatrs and visited Mugwenu, the randy man was finally found along Thika road crying and shouting, “Nisamehe tafadhali ..nisamehe mimi naumia,”


It was said that the witchdoctor had finally decided to make him surrender and publicly confess. Don’t joke!


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