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Cancer and Herbal Medicine in Africa

herbal medicine
herbal medicine

Cancer is a dreadful disease that tends to take the lives of many people at any particular battling cancer is not always an easy task each moment you are a victim. Cancer infection which is discovered at early stages is easily treated and therefore cannot have a negative impact on the infected person at any particular time. My mother had breast cancer something that really not show any signs there before until she started to complain. Her case was a different one since it was discovered very late hence its cure was a big task too. Breast cancer was her case. This forced her to apply for a work leave since she could not have managed to balance work time since the disease had severely magnified itself. Time reached when she just remained indoors for she felt if she was no go for a walk people would term her as a burden at any particular time.

Many were the times she said she experienced an itchy effect on her breasts, a change in the breast color, her nipples flaked and her breasts became red and swollen at any particular moment. It reached a point that she severely complained of chest pains each moment. The only work she did was to move from one shade to the other in the search of basking posture and at times by the help of another person for she could not even walk on her own. As time went by, her health had really deteriorated largely. Many visitors who frequently came at sized this time around as some even said my mum was a walking dead. Truly she had emaciated compulsively and we really did not know what to do since the medics back in the hospital said that the disease had been discovered so late in that finding its cure was a hard task to undergo at any particular time.

My dad was left in stitches as he did not know what to do this time around. As the head of the family, he was really stressed at any moment as people looked upon him to help my mum come out of this menace. James an all-time friend to my dad informed him that he was going to help him come with a solution to ensure that my mum’s health returns to normal. He took him slowly through the website we were able to read testimonials of people who had cancer and later healed by doctor Mugwenu. He called Mugwenu and book an appointment and after two days we went to his offices ready for a cure as from the testimonials we knew everything was going to be fine this time around. She was assessed and later attended to in a separate room. She was given some herbal medicine which was prescribed by Dr.Mugwenu Three days after we went back home, she started exhibiting relief signs. Her appetite was back again. She rarely complained of chest pains and pain from her breasts an indication that Mugwenu doctor’s herbal medicine was really at work. As time went by, she resumed work from the long leave since she had compulsively come back to the normal courtesy of Dr.Mugwenu.

Mugwenu doctors treat various forms of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer among other cancer varieties. They also solve various life challenges like ending long time domestic violence by providing guidance and counseling to the involved couples at any particular time. For consultations call +2540740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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