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candle love spell by dr mugwenu

Who does not desire to be loved and cherished? Love Spells are one of the first magic practices which we learn. While some of us eagerly hope that the person of our dreams will give us one glance, others pin for their first love while, the rest yearn for the estranged lover. Desperate times generally usher desperate measures and the exquisite world of magic beckons us to help us navigate through the emotional turmoil.

In order to benefit from any of the love spells, one must have faith in the universe that it will send true love. Below are the most popular of the numerous candle love spells.
White Candle Love Spell
You need to place a thick and new white candle on the altar or a tabletop and surround it with things you love such as white pebbles, fresh flowers, sea shells, stationery or any word which is close to your heart, written on a piece of paper. Pluck a thorn from a white rose bush and inscribe on the candle ‘All my love to come to me’ three times. You can pluck a thorn from any rose bush if you cannot find a white rose one. Light the candle and watch it burn. Imagine that the love of your life is approaching you slowly, with a heart filled with love. Channelize all your energy on your visualization and remain focussed till the candle is completely burnt out. Once this happens, put everything, including the molten wax puddle left behind by the candle, in a secured place.
Pink Candle Spell
A Pink Candle spell in performed on Friday nights to attract the love of your life. You will require a new pink candle, a pen with your favourite colour of ink and some white paper. Write your name and your lovers name on it and draw a circle around them. Now close your eyes and visualize both of you together sharing love and bliss. Repeat ‘Our fates are united. We are born to become one. It is done’ three times. Concentrate on your visualization till the candle completely burns out. The spell will work at it’s best if you practice it on seven consecutive Friday nights.
Whenever you perform any kind of candle love spell, ensure that you use fresh candles. Pre ignited candles come with energies from their previous use and this might interrupt with the effects of the spell you intend to perform.
Love spells can seem magical however it cannot make something happen which has not been decided by the Universe. Therefore, the candle love spell can become ineffective if you intend to force someone to fall in love with you. Through the candle love spell, you open the various positive energy channels within yourself and let the power of nature guide you to the right person.


It helps you remove obstacles, enhance positive thoughts and harbour subdued emotions. Above all, Candle Love spells restores your faith in yourself and helps you to gain the momentum of life.
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