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Can’t believe my own mother could do this to me

George Odongp



sad times

My name is Lydia and three weeks ago, my mother called me and told me she was coming home to visit me and my husband. I was excited that she was coming since I had not seen her in a while and I thus asked her to come since my husband was at home, on leave from his work.

I was still so held up at work but I knew my husband was at home and thus my mom would find someone. She arrived home at round 5pm and she called me to confirm that she had found my husband. I finished my tasks at work at around 8.30pm and I thus immediately went home since I was so excited to see my mother.

On arrival at home, I found the lights were off as I was outside which was quite odd because it was still early. I walked to the house through the backdoor and when I entered the house, I was flabbergasted after I heard both my husband and mother having sex in the bedroom. They were so loud.

“My in-law you are sweet, I cannot believe my daughter enjoys this kind of good sex alone,” I heard my mother say while I was standing at the front door of the bedroom with tears flowing down my cheeks.

I called a workmate and told her of how I had found my husband and sister having sex. She told me not to panic but call Doctor Mugwenu who would help me teach them a lesson by locking them up in their genitals.

I called the doctor immediately and ordered the spell. He was very proactive as he cast it instantly and immediately, both my husband and mum started screaming that they were stuck. I found the composure to confront them.

My mother was so embarrassed when I walked into the room and they were both in agonizing pain. My husband cried out to me and asked me to forgive him for betraying our marriage. Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them later on and I chased my mother out of my house. My husband was very remorseful and asked me to forgive him.

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