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Dorcas a 43-year-old lady from Kilifi County really shocked many people on the news some days back. She said she had gone through so many challenges living with his husband Mr. Kiza who had exposed him to domestic violence hence leading to them partying ways. As she said she had a 23-year-old son who protected her and was her source of joy. As a result of love between her and her son, they would enjoy sex together with her son and really she felt nothing. As she was speaking in one of the media houses her son really gave her all that she wanted in a relationship and despite having break apart with her husband, nothing really pestered her in her life at any particular point.


She talked with courage and so many people wondered if she was really high at this time. As she narrated due to the love between her and her son she wanted her son to give her a baby. But due to what society expects of the normal livelihood of people, things started going amiss as people really criticized her for her behavior with her son. Some people would tell her to get a man and have kids with for she was really destroying the life of her son. As time went by, she started seeing the truth of this as she started seeking help to get out of the guilt of sleeping with her own son. So many people sidelined her including the renowned members of the clergy who had once claimed to be really helping people to get out of troubles.


Her family members never wanted to see her and her son despite her having aborted the relationship with her son. She had really lost hope and at some point, she even thought of committing suicide. Things were really tougher on her side since everyone knew her and people had vowed to burn down their house as such a habit was considered a taboo in the society. A well-wisher by the name Iminzah took her to Dr. Mugwenu who she said he did powerful spiritual cleansing which would ensure that the lives of Dorcas and her son were normal again. Dorcas was really tired of living a lonely life. Dr. Mugwenu did the powerful spiritual cleansing to Dorcas and her son and assured her everything was okay.


After they went back home they were again allowed in the community since Dr. Mugwenu work was really reveling. She never experienced threats as before. She really thanked Dr Mugwenu via a testimonial on local television for he had really helped her out of trouble through cleansing rituals. Never be left behind for Dr Mugwenu ensures that you get your dream job. He has the power to ensure you pass your interview by giving you magic rings that would ensure you have luck at each h place you go. Do not hesitate to call him in case of any problem. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

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