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Daytime Drama as a driver is caught red-handed in the act


The proverbial forty Daytime Drama as a driver is caught red-handed in the act with the boss’s wife the driver who was having a secret affair with his boss’ wife reached last.

Acting on a tip-off, his boss slowly laid a successful trap following reports from close friends that the man he had employed to chauffeur him around was meeting his wife for frequent and secret escapades.

That he always comes back home to enjoy time with his wife after dropping him at work and that this has been going on for a few months now.

It was reported that the boss stumbled upon messages of his wife planning for another round of dates with the said driver after snooping through her phone.


Apparently, the randy wife had invited the driver to their house on a Friday night for the same after informing him that the boss who is her husband was away for a business trip.


“My hubby will be away tonight make sure you come. Nataka tukulane mpaka asubuhi mapema” read the disturbing text.


After finding out about the planned date, the boss had to hatch a secret plan on how he was going to teach the two a lifetime lesson.


He decided to first mount a secrete camera in his bedroom and stay away on that night so he could get enough evidence before exploding.


A video shared online and which recorded all that happened on that night left the boss almost fainting on the ground. The driver could be heard saying, “Hii kitu haijachimbwa vizuri huyu bwanako ni buree kumbe,” as the wife responded in pleasure, “Ananibore vile ako na toothpick”.

With these all evidence, the aggrieved man decided to look for a witchdoctor who would punish the randy spouses.


He went checking on one of the powerful traditional healers by the name Mugwenu. Mugwenu Doctors are the best traditional African herbalists from Tanzania and spiritual healers who not only deliver to their promises but even heal dreaded diseases.


With exceptional working experience, the doctors can turn your problems into permanent solutions. You don’t even need much but just a call to get your problems solved. Mugwenu Doctors say they can lock and unlock. They can help you anywhere you are. Distance doesn’t matter as long as you follow instructions.

He had an appointment with the traditional man who performed some exercises that would see the two remain crying for their dirty actions. Mugwenu Doctors are making a killing out of cheating couples; the 60-year-old witchdoctor is responsible for making adulterous couples get stuck during sex.

It came to happen to the two misbehaving lovers. The poor driver was left begging for mercy like a toddler but the merciless boss and his goons continued giving him a weeklong of suffering. Mugwenu is actually a true and tested witchdoctor who never kills anyone but just punishes. He can also help you recover anything you lost through robbery.

Don’t hesitate. You can contact this wonderful spell casters at or call +254740637248 and they will respond to your case as soon as possible.

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