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KDRTV-The residents of Runda estate have been constantly complaining that they have been loosing most of their inner clothes especially mens wear for a very long time.Most of the men have had a lot of fear airing their inner cloth outside due to the risen cases in theft.

Caro, one of the residents in Runda had grown tired of airing his husband’s inner wear insde her house because she saw it not fit healthwise and so that day, she decided to air 10 inner wears after she had done her usual laundry.

That day, her helper never showed up and so she had to look after her baby and do house chores at the same time. After she had finished hanging the 10 inner wears, she heard the baby crying she then rushed in for about five minutes to check up on the baby.

When she came back from the house, all the 10 under wears were gone.The rest of the clothes on the laundry busket were untouched but the inner wears were nowhere to be seen. She started walking door to door asking if they had seen who took her husband’s inner wear but no one had see anything.

Caro told one of her neighbours ‘’How could I explain this to my husband, where do I even start from?’’

That was when the residents gathered and said enough was enough.The stealing had to stop and the only way it would was by seeking help from someone who will teach the robbers a lesson they will never forget. One of the residents suggested that they seek help from Doctor Mugwenu because he knows how to deal with such people.

Caro volunteered on visiting the Doctor.When she got to Doctor Mugwenu’s worshop, she explained everything and he performed some ritual to help trace and find the thieves. She then went back home to wait for the results.

That evening, three men showed up eating grass in the estate and crying repeatedly saying ,‘’Ni sisi ndo tumekua tukiwaibia boxers tusameheni”.Everybody came out to see the shocking event that was happening.Apparently they have been stealing the inner wear to sell to other people outside Runda estate. Every person who had been stolen from demanded a double payment from the three.They paid everyone up using the money they have been getting from selling the stolen inner wear.

Doctor Mugwenu shows no mercy to thieves and robbers and ensures that your stolen property is safely returned to you.He also handles general problems such as breaking voodoo spells, wining court cases ,solving financial challenges, helping one get rich, promotion at work among many others.

He truly heals diseases such as gonorrhoea, typhoid, syphillis, hypertention diabetes etc.His foretelling abilites are 100% accurate.His problem solving powers is not limited to any location

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