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Embarrassing moments as a Nairobi wealthy pastor is caught in a church’s dressing room with two married women.

George Odongp




A wealthier bishop of Christian African Ministry Kenya Church was last Sunday evening found stuck together with two married women from his church.

The rogue man of cloth is said to have opened a new branch at Utawala area in Nairobi where he is luring to bed young women.

Sources claimed that immediately after putting up his state of the art church, so many desperate families joined him with hopes that their lives would change only to be turned into sex slaves by the man of God.

An eyewitness who talked to a popular news site sensationally claimed that the man fond of holding night prayers with peoples wives, has wreaked many marraiges in the area.

Residents further claimed that they have tried to stop the man from holding night meetings with members of the church but he has heard none.

“Kila mara unasikia bibi wangu anasema anaenda maombi usiku. Nikimkataza inakuwa kele.’ A resident complained to us.

However, it was last week when after prayers, and people had left to their homes, when the man of cloths was busted naked with two married women in the church dressing room. The watchman at the facility heard some commotion in the dressing room at around 3AM and decided to move closer. He divulged how he first heard benches move in the room and thought someone was stealing but listening keenly, he heard a voice say, “Passy utanirarua wacha nipumzike kidogo,” and he responded, “Haya wacha upunzike dakika tatu nikishughulikia huyu mwenzako naona amekuwa majimaji,”

The watchman was forced to raise an alarm by tipping a neighbor of the church who woke up and rushed to the scene only to find the three naked exchanging fluids.

The husband to the women in question became hungry and decided to use a magician to punish the randy bishop.

According to sources, they decided to use Mugwenu Doctors who are renowned herbalists with history of making thieves eat grass like cows and also they can punish sinful spouses. They approached him and he did the necessary and in just a record three days, the bishop, in the middle of the sermon last Sunday, suddenly started screaming touching his trouser, “Ohh… God My God …what is happening? Something is eating my manhood.” I looked at him quietly and laughed before his assistants rushed him out. It was an embarrassing moment.

He had to ask for forgiveness and pay me sh 1.2 million before allowing Mugwenu to untie him. I am rich today.

Cheating is almost as certain as death, people just have to cheat. And this is why witchcraft has become a very lucrative business nowadays.

Mugwenu Doctors are making a killing out of cheating couples; the 60 year old witchdoctor is responsible for making adulterous couples get stuck during sex.

For similar problems, just connect with Mugwenu Doctors on +254740637248 or visit,” he said. Visit and learn more about their services or call us on +254740637248

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