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Exposed: Top 10 Kenyan Pastors Who Have Successfully Managed To Enrich Themselves In The Name Of God

(KDRTV) – Some years back NTV managed to reveal how a majority of men of the cloth are fleecing unsuspecting Kenyans with fake miracles in exchange for money. Some of them at that time were using the same station to literally advertise miracles to Kenyans.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ironically been a welcome breath of fresh air as most of the ‘religious business’ activities have been at a standstill. But here is a list of some of the pastors who have managed to be rich courtesy of their followers who are languishing in abject poverty.

1. Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism – This is arguably the most controversial pastor in the country at the moment. From causing freaky accidents to marrying a school girl to be his second wife after her first wife died out of mistreatment. His miracles usually cost between KES 3000 to Sh50, 000. The guy rolls with top of the range cars with no apologies.

2. Pastor Michael Njoroge of Fire Ministries- The guy became popular after a commercial sex worker called Mwende exposed him when he used to hire her to pretend to be sick and recover miraculously before his congregation. Despite being exposed badly by investigative journalists, Njoroge stills command a huge following where he charges between KES 2,000-20,000 for a miracle.

3. Pastor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministries- His mother is prophetess Lucy Nduta who lied to the public that he heals HIV /AIDS in 2005. Kanyari has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons including fake miracles in exchange of money. His church is situated along River Road and he is popular for his ‘panda mbegu ya KES 310’ line.

4. Pastor Muriithi of House of Grace church- This one also makes to the list of extortionists. Muriithi’s church usually attracts the middle class who spend Saturday nights in night clubs only to turn up the following day are devoted Christians. He also paid handsomely for fake miracles.

5. Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga: He is the founder of Hope International Ministries Church in Garden Estate. He claims to be a reformed Mungiki leader but he still commands a huge following where he charges them a fee for performing fake miracles. Some Kenyans are really gullible.

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6. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru: She recently recovered from COVID-19 but Kenyans doubted the speed at which she recovered. Wanjiru is the founder of Jesus is Alive Ministries and a former member of parliament for Starehe Constituency. She also performs miracles at a price and she lives large courtesy of her lost sheep.

7. Pastor Wahome of Helicopter Ministries: His Church is located along Temple Road near Bus Station in Nairobi City. He has been exposed before as having a strong affinity for college girls and married women. His fake miracles also come at a price.

7. Pastor Pius Muiru of Maximum Miracle Centre- His church is located at Roasters Thika Road and at Odeon Cinema. His is an openly polygamous man with multiple lovers. Pius is known to have a great appetite for small girls from his church choir. He one of the earliest pioneers of fake miracles in Kenya.

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9. Pastor Alan Kiuna of JCC: Pastor Allan Kiuna with his wife Mrs. Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) also made it to the list. They are arguably the richest pastoring family in the republic who receive a lot of money from their flock. They have commercialized everything from prayers to miracles.

10. Bishop Arthur Gitonga of the Redeemed Gospel Churches. Gitonga is known for his lavish lifestyle and he is also accused of grabbing a piece of land where his Huruma Church is located. His miracles cost between KES 200-20000 depending on your social class.

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