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Makena’s family had been battling a few rich investors over a land their dad had purchased to build up a few houses for his two sons. Sadly he was killed in a hit and run while attending the court hearing to fight for his land. Makena’s family did not give up in the fight, they continued to persue the case  and swored never to give up even after their dad’s demise.


However for years, the investors found a way to influence the judge into postponding their court hearing claiming everytime that they could not appear in court because they had to take care of some businesses abroad. So the case was immediately dismissed and extended everytime Makena’s family asked for a hearing.


Luckily one of Makena’s friend told her of Doctor Mugwenu’s powers, the friend explained to her that the Doctor had capabilities to help them win their case that they had been battling for years, she then decided to call him through +254740637248 and explained to him everything even after sharing with her family who was against it. She was set up with a meeting to see him the following morning.


When she got to Doctor Mugwenu’s workshop, Makena was given a piece of white cloth to carry to court which was her gateway to finally wining their case. The following day, Makena urged their family to do it once more. This time round, the judge agreed to hear their case, the investors were forced to attend the court hearing.


After the hearing, the judge declared that the land was under the ownership of Makena’s family and that the investors were to pay them a sum of 1.5 million for their father’s death in a period of one week. Failure of doing so would lead to their prosecution. At last, Makena’s family had known victory after a long fight thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.



Doctor Mugwenu says that his spell casting powers works within 24 hours. He handles general problems like helping one get rich, protection of a family’s property like land, enhances failing businesses,wining court cases, saving marriages, stops cheating in relationships.


His expertise in mixting herbs helps in healing diseases such as typhoid, syphyllis, gonorrhoea, epilepsy among many others.


He also genuinely cast away evil spirits, get rid of bad scary dreams, breaking voodoo spells.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

For more information and enquries you can reach him through:


Email:[email protected]

Or visit his website:http//






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