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George Odongp




Boaz had an amazing family and a wife he could count on for advise or comfort any time he had difficulties at work. Boaz was blessed with a lot of wealth so he managed to buy a big nice house with its own compound and a security quarter at the gate. After weeks of searching for someone who would guard his house while he was away for work purposes, he found a man named Denis.


Boaz was always away for work and his wife being a stay at home mum, she was always indoors looking after the children and the house. Being absent, he was not always with the wife and so the two had not been intimate for quite some time. For Boaz this did not bother him because he was working to ensure that his family does not lack anything.


However, rumors started spreading that Boaz’s wife was having an affair with Denis. Even though Boaz turned a deaf ear to all these allegations about his wife, he couldn’t seem to get over the fact that these rumors might be true. So he decided to confirm his suspicions by finding out the truth from an expert known as Doctor Mugwenu.


He immediately made a call to him on +254740637248 and explained that he needed to know the truth about his wife loyalty. He added that he wanted to catch her in the act so as to confirm his suspicions. Doctor Mugwenu then set Boaz up with a meeting for him to offer his best solution.


When Boaz got to Doctor Mugwenu’s workshop, he was given some portion to place under his bed to help catch his wife in the act. So he went back home and did as he was instructed. This time he pretended to go out on a business trip for days to trick his wife into doing what both her and Denis normally does.


However, this time things did not go on nicely like Denis expected. The two got stuck naked and Boaz immediately walked in and found them. Denis then confessed saying, “I’ve been having sex with your wife for over a year now. She approached me and said she wanted daily penetration which she couldn’t get from you. She was horny and I volunteered to help am sorry”.


Boaz could not take this, he decided to put his wife out that day.

Doctor Mugwenu says that his spell casting powers works within 24 hours. He handles general problems like helping one get rich, protection of a family’s property like land, enhances failing businesses, wining court cases, saving marriages, stops cheating in relationships.


His expertise in mixing herbs helps in healing diseases such as typhoid, syphilis, gonorrhea, epilepsy among many others.


He also genuinely cast away evil spirits, get rid of bad scary dreams, breaking voodoo spells.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

For more information and enquiries, you can reach him through:

Call: +254740637248

Email:[email protected]

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