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hex spells by dr mugwenu

Are you thinking of taking revenge on your enemies, but does not know how to? Is there a guy who annoys you a lot and also embarrasses you in public? Do you want to teach him a lesson he will never forget? Are you willing to use magic to teach these people not to mess with you anymore? If all these are true, then you need to learn more about the hex spells, which have helped millions of people to exact revenge on their enemies successfully without raising any suspicion.

Hex spells belongs to a class of dark magic that is very popular and is used extensively by spell casters all over the world. The reason of casting a hex on another person is simply to harm him or her because of some action that has made the caster angry on them. The question of who should get casted with a hex is debatable as it all depends on the reason for the action. For example if a guy made a joke on you and you casted a hex on him, then it is not justified. But if you cast a hex on a guy who has molested children, or have raped someone, or have killed people, then it is justifiable. But then again it all depends on the casters perspective on whether the person should suffer the power of the hex.

Dark magic is the collection of spells and magic, that has the power to manipulate the free will according to the need of the spell caster. It is always advisable not to use and practice dark magic, but people do use it. Hex spells is a collection well created hexes that range from simple punishments to even death. The spells are very powerful and have a great impact on both the spell caster and the person on whom it is casted. It is said that the spell caster lose his goodness after he uses these spells because he succumbs to his anger. The spells are advised to be casted by an experienced spell caster. This is because the spells requires immaculate amount of tolerance and a lot of courage and if the spell is pronounced wrong, then the side effects haunts the spell caster for the rest of his life.

Whenever the hex spells are used, the law of threefold comes into play. The law of threefold states that if you use dark magic on someone, you receive it back with its magnitude increased threefold. This law is true and has been proved over years. So whenever you use the hex spells always remember the law of threefold and the things that might happen to you.

To conclude, Hex spells are very popular form of dark magic that has helped many people over centuries to take revenge on their enemies. The wide range of hex spells at the disposal will satiate every body’s need. But whenever you use the hex spells, you should use the protection spell. The protection spell will not stop the threefold law, but it lessen its effects.
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