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House girl stole my hubby and ran away with him

George Odongp



my cheating man

After giving birth to my first born, my husband and I decided to hire a house help to help me with home management because my husband had to go back to work. We found a girl who was good at first and very diligent in her duties. She would cook for me very nicely and keep the house clean. My hubby and I were very impressed.

However, a week or so later, I started noticing some weird behavior with her. She would glam up and wear some short clothes when my hubby came home from work. She would act flirtatiously before him and I would see my hubby staring at at her. I warned her against the behaviour but the more I did so the more she seduced my hubby.

I talked my hubby into firing her but he refused and said he liked her work and saw no need of firing her. But I knew he refused to send her away because he liked flirting with her. A few days after that, I woke up in the middle of the night to check how the baby was doing only to notice my hubby was not sleeping beside me.

He was not in the bathroom either and I started smelling some fishiness going on after I heard some hushed sexual noise coming from the house girl’s room. I quietly walked to the room and I heard both my hubby and the girl having sex.

“You are better in bed than my wife my dear, open your legs wider and let’s enjoy this sex,” I heard my hubby tell that house maid and I was completely overcome by anger and I stormed into the bedroom and started scolding them while crying for their betrayal.

They both started beating me mercilessly and threw me out of the house. I could not believe that the house girl had done that to me. I called a friend of mine who came for me and took me to her house. She was very saddened by what had happened to me and she told me not worry since she knew a traditional herbalist by the name Doctor Mugwenu who could help me teach the house girl a lesson.

We called the doctor on 07 and asked him for help for the problems I was going through. He gave an appointment the following day and when I went, he cast the misery spell which would torture the house girl until she left my house and cast a love spell that would help my husband regain the love and affection, he had for me.

A day later, she called me and said her breasts had grown so big and painful over the night. She also said she had wounds all over her bod. She said she was sorry for sleeping with my hubby. My husband came for me later that afternoon and also apologised for cheating on me and since then, he has changed to be this good guy.

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