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How I dealt with my cheating wife.  I found her with our house boy in our toilet naked. She cheats with anyone!

George Odongp




I am a lawyer running a successful law firm in the city who also relocated my family to the city so that we can live together.

I got married in the year 2012 and together with my lovely wife, Muira from Meru, we got three bubbly children.

Our love life has been quiet interesting. We have all along never differed since marrying. She was a quite caring woman who I trusted and gave her any support she asked for.

However, it was last year when I had left for a job in Mombasa where I had clients to represent in court when something bad happened between me and my wife Muira.

I want to let the world know that I have since then been going through a very difficult depression that almost cost me my job. I am still reeling from shock!

So it was on a Friday evening when I returned from Mombasa and arrived at my house in Nairobi at around 6.30 PM. My children were at school by then and therefore she was just my wife and our house boy whom we had scouted from Teso in Busia County.

When I arrived on my door, there was nobody to open for me even as I continued to knock harder. I could hear the Tv set was on and loud. I remained standing outside for sometime, if my mind serves me right, it took me around 30 minutes waiting. To add salt to injury, It was raining too.

Feeling to go for a short call, I then decided to visit my latrine pit just behind our main house and when I moved, close I heard some noises and commotions. I could hear someone say, “Shika ingiza tena,” as the other one mourned in pleasure saying, “Woooii ni moto sana”.

I flung the door wide open and what I saw made me to almost faint down. She was my wife with our house boy making love in the latrine. They were stark naked with her white underwear down on the floor.

I moved back for what this shit is! I shouted off the two to move out, take their belongings and leave my home. My wife started to cry for forgiveness but I couldn’t take none of that. She never picked anything but left to somewhere. I was told she spent at the neighbour’s house. It was angry almost killed her.

Being a disturbed man, next day I decided to consult my friends on what I could do before one of them narrated to me a similar story and how he dealt with it. He mentioned one of the most successful traditional ways of dealing with randy spouses. He asked me to engage Mugwenu herbalists whose numbers are +254740637248. He also introduced me to their detailed Webisite I spoke to the doctor on phone and tendered my complain before he asked me to remain quiet and detach myself from any disturbing noises. I did exactly that before he assured me that my wife and the house boy will learn a hard lesson.

Next day in the morning, my wife called saying her private parts are in pain. On the other hand, the randy shamba boy lamented that his mjulubeng was also in pains. I laughed and knew Mugwenu was at work. My wife wrote me a very long message pleading for forgiveness. I asked Mugwenu to unlock her and the house boy after the third day. She then sent a neighbor to me asking to come back so that we could start our love life afresh. As we speak today she is a very faithful woman who can also leave her phone with me to even read through her inbox. From then she is hiding nothing from me

You can contact this wonderful spell casters at or call +254740637248 and they will respond to your case as soon as possible

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