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Poor man

My name is Linda, I was raped when I was 10 years old by five strange men. I was coming back from school and since, a very lonely path was shortcut to getting home on time, I decided to use it that day. While I was on my way one man approached me to pretending that he was asking for directions but four of them approached me and forcefully tore all my clothes and forced themselves on me. I tried to scream for help but since there was no one there, the five strange men did all nasty things to me calling me all sorts of names.


By the time they were done with me, I was so weak I didn’t even have the strength to wake up. One of them then suggested that I should be dumped in the nearby river so that nobody finds me. My death was their ticket to their freedom, nobody would come to know of what they did to me. So they dumped me into the river, however a man came by to fetch water and found me immediately after I was left to die. He immediatel rushed me to the hospital.


I woke up at the hospital and one of the nurse walked by and smiled telling me she waw so happy I was awake. I was in a comma for almost six months. Days later I was discharged since I was doing fine. I went to report what had happened to mr to the poice but they were not taking my matter seriously. They infact thought that I was trying to drown myself, to them a rapist would let me live.


My case was delayed from time to time by the authorities claiming that it was under investigations . 20 years later, what happened to me still haunted me, I became so frightened of walking in lonely places and also in places crowded by so many men. The thought of individuals who violated me were walking freely was killing me inside.

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One Saturday night, I went for a sleepover at my aunt’s place to catch up with my cousins who had just arrived in town. While we were having dinner, my uncle asked me if the authorities have caught the people who violeted me. When I said no he then told me to not always rely on the law for justice and that there was so many ways of seeking justice. He then told me about Doctor Mugwenu and how he has helped solved a few of their problems.


The following day, he dropped me off to Doctor Mugwenu’s workshop. I explained everything to him. He then did a few rituals on me and blem a few powder onto my face. After that, I went back home.


Three days later, I received a call from the police that five mad men went by to the police confessing of how they violated a 10yr old and dumped in the very river that I was dumped in. Their statement matched what I had reported to the police 10yrs ago, they were immediately jailed for life. Finally justice was served to me.

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He heals diseases such as typhoid, hypertension, epilepsy, gonorrhoea, syphyllis,diabetes among many others.

He genuinely handles general problems like breaking voodoo spells, curses etc.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

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