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con men
con men

I was a businesswoman who had a Mpesa shop in the Utawala area within Nairobi County. My shop was strategically located in a good place that really attracted customers. Within a day I would make close to a thousand transactions. This really meant that business had really boomed and was actually on another level this time around. Many people came to ask the secret behind my Mpesa shop flocking each time but really I did not have a viable reason to let them know it was just lack.

As time went by, a nearby shop Mpesa shop owner was conned 50k. He had been given a bundle of fake notes during the night hours and he really did not know what to do. The new Kenyan notes were challenged for anyone to identify. To me, it was really a challenge for the currency had not lasted long in the trade market. I was really used to the old notes. As time went by, when the incident had occurred, I started refusing to accept the new notes since I knew that fraudsters would use this as a scapegoat to cone me at any particular time. But as time went by I changed my perception on the new one thousand notes and I started receiving the notes this time around with no fear for if I did not do this, my business as a Mpesa vendor would go down.

One Sunday evening at 7 am a certain customer came and he really seemed to be in a hurry. He gave me 100k notes for a deposit. I did that hurriedly without even checking the notes. Twenty minutes after he had left, that’s when I checked the notes and did my counting and they were really fake 100k notes. I did not know what to do next for this time around I had been gotten in an offside position. My husband abused me for my carelessness as he had been warning me to be aware of the fraudsters at any given time. I took an effort of reporting the issue to the police and they really said the fraudsters had always had that habit of scamming the public. They launched investigations but no hope of bringing the culprit to book. My friend and a businessman from Tanzania referred me to Mugwenu doctors for they had once helped him recover his cash after he was conned sometimes back. Using the contacts he gave me, I reached Mugwenu doctors and booked an appointment. After three days I visited their office for their assistance. They assessed me and I addressed my issue. Everything was done and later they assured me that the culprit was to be brought to book in three days’ time. Three days after I had visited Mugwenu doctors, someone called me that he wanted us to meet for he had an important message to let me know. I really wondered who he was.

My husband accompanied me and when we reached the meeting point, it was the brother to the culprit who was with all my cash. He said that the brother had gone insane. I took my 100k and later referred him to Mugwenu doctors for assistance. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for they had really helped me at large. From that day, I have never experienced any conman ship problem. Mugwenu doctors help you secure that good job or promotion you are craving at any particular time. They solve loves spells and make your spouse loyal to you. They also cast black magic spells and witch craft spells just in three days.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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