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How my fights with my husband affected our two year old son

George Odongp



fights again

My name is Zipporah and I was married to my husband for three years when we started experiencing severe marital problems. My hubby became very bitter with me for reasons I did not know.

He was always fighting, yelling at me, hurling insults among others. This behavior started affecting our two-year-old son who was getting scared when my husband fought. My husband did not seem to care, he would yell at me to the extent that our neighbours started being concerned.

Some of my friends told me to leave my husband since he was going to eventually beat me really bad. But, I knew my husband, I knew he was not a violent man he only needed help so that things could resume to normal.

I tried talking to him asking why he had suddenly turned into an irritable person but instead of calmly responding to me he started shouting to me again.

“Don’t try and control me woman,” my husband yelled.

My marriage had turned into a den of war it was only a matter of time before it broke. I called my mother and cried to her narrating to her my marital woes. She told me she knew of a person who would help me get the peace I needed in my marriage.

“His name is Doctor Mugwenu and he is able to restore the peace in your marriage and further prevent it from breaking,” my mother said.

She gave me his number and I called the doctor where we scheduled a meeting the next day. After meeting, Doctor Mugwenu had the ability to restore sanity in my marriage in a couple of spells. He also gave me a herb which I was to use in my husband’s food.

I prepared supper that evening and used the herb on my hubby’s food. From that day, my husband started being loving and peaceful and I was happy that my marriage was restored.

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