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I am a graduate having studied Journalism in the largest Media University in Kenya Multimedia
university of Kenya; I graduated with a first class owner’s degree, with lots of hope that the
future ahead of me was going to be bright having worked really hard in my studies, I wanted to
get its fruit back

Before joining multimedia university I passed highly with grade “A,” that landed me to do
journalism a course I was so passionate about, that it was going to change my life once and for
all, I had been brought in a very humbled background, and by means of well-wishers and
contribution I managed to land myself to collage thinking that it was a break through to life, I
knew that once I could complete schooling I could get a job and start earning, Until I learned
that here in Kenya, No qualifications matter, but only a God father, bribes.

Those were the only things that could help one get a job I Kenya, what if those of us who come from humble backgrounds with no God fathers, nor money to bribe Officials at interview, Perhaps we would
just be jobless forever Isn’t it, During my graduation if I can remember very well speaker after
speaker who stood to address at the graduation Square, promised me Heaven, they said that had a
direct job with no interview, something has not happened for seven years Now. I visited the said
offices dropping my Curriculum vitae (C.V) but never landed any job.

My Parents and siblings, were both looking forward to me to get a job and save them from the
poverty life we had been staying in for over seventy years now, with nowhere to go to, perhaps I
could not go back to the village, it was going to be shame, I was the only hope, I had the
qualifications but nobody considered me for a job, I wondered why people with low academic
qualifications as mine got Jobs but in my case I never got that luck, I was full of stress, When I
vacated the school premises I had nowhere to go to, Nor even money to buy food to it, So I
turned to the streets of Nairobi with no hopes of life, armed with my academic piece of polythene
paper always by my arm I moved from street to street, just to pass time, when darkness came I
could role myself in a sack and sleep under a fly over.

During the day I could visit various construction sites and be given casual Job that earned Kenyan shillings 300 per day, that could only cater for food, One day as I was on a construction going by normal chores, I saw a friend of mine who we had schooled with drive an expensive car, he alighted and started to inspect the work done, little did I know the Manson under construction was his. I ran to him and greeted him, he was shocked to see me do that kind of job despite my qualification, after a chat I asked
him how he got the job and became rich at his younger age, he was hesitant but after a while he
informed me that Kiwanga doctors spell casting powers had helped him. That doctor kiwanga
had casted luck spell in his life, and that in a short while things begun going his way, He gave me
doctor kiwanga contacts and asked me to talk to them to change my life.

Without hesitance I contacted doctor kiwanga, booked an appointment and met him in person, he
informed me that I was being haunted by bad luck from our family, and that he had removed it
and casted good luck in me, he told me I would really love it, A day after meeting the doctor I
got a message that requested me to go to a news presenter interview, and that’s why I got my job,
I have improved my life with that of my family. Thanks to kiwanga doctors for helping me.

I advise anyone with a work such, nor a good life such to visit kiwanga doctors because they have
the solution to your problem, They also cast real and genuine spells in the world like Love spell,
Money spell and black magic spell among other spells, Also treat and heal various illnesses Like
Meningitis, Pneumonia and Epilepsy among other diseases.
For consultations Call/WhatsApp +254 769404965 / E-mail or visit the website

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