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wife from hell
wife from hell

I was a watchman at a flower company in Kitengela town Kajiado County.  I used to go to the job at night hours so I did not have that much time with my wife especially at the night hours. We had been just married for a period of five months and really there were many things we had not enjoyed together at this time. She really seemed to be a loyal lady and no single day did I even complain of her misbehaving at any given time. There was this neighbor who seemed really close to me when I married on the spot.

I started predicting things were really not going the right way since he was really a person who I did not trust. One day as I came home in the morning as I was from the night shift watchman job, I found clothing that is a jumper that clearly I had seen my neighbor Tom wearing sometime back. I knew well something was cooking but I did not want to enter into a commotion at that particular time. When I asked my wife if Tom was at the house the previous night, she said that no one had visited the house. I just took things the way they were and really pretended that everything was just in order but I knew Tom was having some good time with my wife. I wish I knew when one had affair the last seen notification would come on their face. This would really boost faithfulness in many couples.

I shared the story with Dave my long-time friend who really said he was going to help me. He referred me to Mugwenu doctors who had once helped him tame her wife from sleeping and sharing the sweetest fruit with other men out of their wedlock. He assured me that Mugwenu doctors were really a sure bet and I would really catch the wife snatcher within a short period of time just within three days. The next day I did not go to a job and I decided to visit Mugwenu doctors for their assistance. I was attended to and later went back home. The next day I went to my usual night job and I knew well Tom would show up to munch my wife as usual. This time around things would be tough on his side. As I was entering my gate from the long night job, as was shocked for I met Tom naked and roaming around my flower garden holding his pants singing he was a wife snatcher and she was really apologetic since her manhood had dislocated to the backside. I confirmed and really it was true. Mugwenu herbalist’s magic was at work this time around. My wife was sited next to Tom outside as he pledged for relief. Since I did not want many people to come and witness, I called Mugwenu doctors who demanded that Tom should pay an amount of 45,000 to be set free. He was not able to raise the amount and his cow was to be sold to raise the amount the next day. He was finally set free. I forgave my wife and from that day we lived in peace with my neighbors and no one dared took my wife for granted. I did my job in peace this time around.

Mugwenu doctors help your cast hex spells and ensure that a bad eye from your enemies is harmless. They ensure that the success you are craving to come to pass. They also treat various diseases such as cancer and syphilis just within three days from the day you visit them. Distance is not a problem for they also do mobile healing. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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