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I am your co-wife expecting a kid with your husband very soon. You must be used to this new life. This is your Co-wife Adisah,” A woman sent me this frustrating message.

George Odongp



“I am coming this December to meet you. I know you have no idea about my existence but today I want to break these news to you that I am your co-wife expecting a kid with your husband very soon. Ni chungu lakini itabidi uzoee. This is your Co-wife Adisah,” I received this message two days ago from a person I have had no knowledge about. .Very frustrating.

It was last week Nov 14th 2019 in the evening when a message came to my phone and which I thought was an Mpesa from my hubby but guess what I saw? It was the message above which had arrived to me unsolicited.

After reading it, I contemplated committing suicide. However, I gained some courage and called my hubby immediately asking him about it but he simply told me that, “We will talk when I come home in December,”

That night I could not sleep soundly due to this sudden turn events. I frantically tried to text my husband so that he could clear the air on this but he completely ignored me. My heart was pumping and I wanted to die. “How could someone I already have a child with do that to me when he is still struggling to even provide basics for me?

Many questions went through my mind that night. I couldn’t take my supper well which I had already prepared.

Next morning, I woke up and decided to travel to Nanyuki where he works. I arrived there with my child at around 3PM and went straight to his house. I found a woman washing clothes in his veranda. I could see my hubby’s trousers there when I knew this is the woman who had sent me the message. I greeted her before she asked me what I wanted. I introduced myself as the wife to Timothy. She laughed and told me in the face, “Uuuuii, I don’t know you by the way utajipanga sababu mimi ndio bibi rasmi(I am the legit wife. Sort out yourself please),”.

I looked at her in disbelief and responded back, “Wewe ndio mwanamke ambaye umechukuwa bwanangu (are you the one who is taking my husband?)

At that point an exchange ensued. My husband was not around by the time we were quarreling but I think someone tipped him. He arrived later on a bodaboda and when he alighted, he immediately shoved me away telling me, “Stupid Malaya wewe hauna haya kukuja hapa bila idhini(stupid you prostitute. Never come here again)?”

This was my breaking point. I moved backwards one step and a very broken. I immediately called my mother for advice when she instructed me to return back to her place. I heed her advice and travelled back the same day.

When I reached there, she asked me what was going on in my life. I opened up the whole story which seemingly angered her. She prepared me some lunch. After eating the ugali and sukuma, she called upon a taxi who took both of us to an office I had no idea about in town. I remember on the door it was written this words, “Welcome to Mugwenu herbalist”. He ushered us in and told me in particular to sit down on a skin mat. I did exactly that before he took some oils and splashed on my face.

He then assured us that my husband was going to return back very soon. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. We left.

Interestingly after just two days, my phone rung and looking at the number it was a strange one. When I picked, I heard his (my husband’s) voice. He used a different number so that I could not ignore him. “Kipenzi changu tafadhali rudi nyumbani naumia, huyo mjinga nilifukuza”.

I informed my mother about this before she advised me to tell him to come to her place first. When he came he appeared a very remorseful man pleading with both my mother and I to accept his apology.

My mother pulled me aside and whispered to me that Doctor Mugwenu’s love spells were working. She told me to go back to my marriage next day. I did that and I am enjoying my marriage upto now.

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