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KDRTV-My name is Maxwel I married a girl from Kakamega county and the two were blessed with two adorable children.Maxwel was working as an accountant at a bank in Nairobi and so his end month earnings was enough to make his wife lead a comfortable life.

He opened up a small retail shop for his stay at home wife and also bought a public transport vehicle together with a private car that took both the wife and kids wherever they wanted to go.Sadly a few moths later, the wife had a miscarriage of their third born child.

After the miscarriage, things began to change his wife developed an attitude in the house she even let go of her helper wthout consulting Maxwel.She later advised Maxwel to sell the two vehicles which he did.He then gave the money to the wife to deposit in their joint account.

One fateful evening, Maxwell came back from work early hoping to see his wife as usual.On reaching, the whole house was empty.All the furniture, electronics and utensils was all gone Maxwell then added,‘’For a moment I  thought I was in the wrong house so I tried to call my wife but her phone was repeatedly disconnected. I even reached all her family members but they all swore that they haven’t set eyes or heard from her.

Surprisingly when I checked our joint account, it was all cleared out.Even though  I could not believe she would do such a thing I had to report the matter to the police.So I went to a friend’s to accompany me but he instead talked me out into going to the police saying,

‘’Bro the police will take years to solve your case you need a much more quick solution and the famouse Doctor Mugwenu is the right man for you.’’

I heeded my friend’s advise and went to see Doctor Mugwenu. He assured me that he will make sure whoever stole from me would face the music.He told me to show him my wife’s photo and chanted some words to it and told me to head back home.

The next day, my wife called me with an unknown number crying that her legs were so swollen and that she could not walk.She felt like she was being haunted for robbing me.She then assured me that she would return all my money and belongings so that she could heal.Truly everything she stole from me was returned to me safely the next day carried by a huge vehicle.I decided to divorce her and found myself a good woman.

Doctor Mugwenu just like any other doctor asks his clients a few easy quetions as a diagnosis to determne the root cause to problems.He also helps to solve challenges in financial and physical aspects.He also handles general problems such as wining court cases, hardship in businesses, protection of a famly’s property.His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

For consultations contact him through the following;


Email;[email protected]




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