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I didn’t know that my husband was gay till very late in life

George Odongp



mother from hell

I had been married to a wonderful Luo man named Owino for almost 10 years. Together we bore three children, Owino was a loving and caring husband during this period of time that we both had our own source of income.


Owino was however laid off after manufacturing company he was working in. The company was experiencing loses and so the management was forced to a few of the workers to get back on its feet. So for months Owino was forced to stay back at home.


I became the breadwinner of the house. My husband’s joblessness did not bother me because I understood perfectly well he was coming from. However, while dhe stayed home to look after the house he was getting closer to my neighbour Angel.


One evening, I came back from work at around 4:00pm which was my unsual time to get out of work. I came out of my car and I was so pressed and I needed to use the bathroom real quick and so I rushed to the house dropped my bag on the table and rushed towards the toilet. As I was approaching the toilet’s door, I heard voices that sounded like a woman was mourning¬† and so I refrained from opening the door and decided to peep through the hole on the toilet’s door. As I peeped through, I saw my husband placing his manhood in my neighbor’s mouth. I could not believe my eyes, that moment I became very angry.


I decided to go back to my car to calm down and waited for the two of them to finish whatever they were doing. The teo then came out and my husband rushed towards me pretending tha he was so happy that I was home. I on the other hand pretended  I had seen nothing.


For days what I had seen really bothered me both at home and at work. I couldn’t get myself to go to our toilet because of what I had seen. And so I decided to share this to one of my friends and she told me, “If you never confronted him about what you saw, he thinks maby you know nothing, so definately the two are still sleeping together, the only way to stop this is by going to Doctor Mugwenu”. She then gave me his contact information and I called to set up an appointment.


The following day,I went to his worskshop and explained to him what I had seen. He then took out some oily herb and smeared it on my hands and took out a piece of toilet paper did some ritual on it and instructed me to place it inside our toilet . After that I went back home and did as he instructed me to.


The next time I went to work and came back home, I found the two of them struck naked towards the place I had placed the toilet paper. The two were crying and asking for help to be freed. Apparently they had been stuck in the toilet for almost 6 hours. Owino apologized for sleeping with Angel and swored never to repeat it ever again, only a stupid man would repeat such an act after being stuck for 6 hours. He has ever since been loyal to me and we are now living happily ever after.


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