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“I do not love you anymore!”: My husband wanted to divorce me after 17 years of marriage

George Odongp




My name is Esther and two months ago, my husband and I were in the brink of a divorce which really scared me. I really loved my husband of 17 years and we had achieved so much together in our lives not to mention we had two wonderful kids.

However, we entered into a very tough phase in our marriage which was marred by so many arguments, mistrust, lies and even emotional abuse. My hubby, in particular, became so cranky such that any small mistake in our house was really annoying him and he would shout, even in front of the kids and make too much noise.

Our sex life was also affected in this phase that we were. My husband did not want to touch me or kiss me and this was gravely affecting how we were relating with one another. Whenever I tried making advances to him in bed, he would outrightly ignore me.

It was really a difficult season in our marriage. My husband did not want me at all and my mere presence annoyed him. One day, he came home, as usual and I saw him take his suitcase and said he was moving out to another apartment.

“I am tired of this marriage. I am going to rent out another house and soon I will send you the divorce papers so that you can sign because I am no longer interested in being your husband anymore,” he said.

He complained that he did not love me anymore and that he was tired of us all. When he left with his luggage, I was so broken. I could not believe my marriage was in the brink of death just like that.

I called my mother and told her that my husband was in the process of divorcing me. She told me to fight for my marriage by calling Doctor Mugwenu who would help prevent my husband from proceeding with the divorce plans. She told me Doctor Mugwenu had helped when my dad wanted to divorce her.

She sent me his number and I called him that very day that my husband left our home. I narrated to him the whole ordeal of how my husband had been cold to me and even left the marriage. He asked me to meet him the next day so that he could use his spell casting powers to save my marriage.

On meeting him, he cast a spell of saving my marriage and another one for regaining my husband’s affection. Daktari Mugwenu’s spells worked like magic because that same evening my husband came back to our home and apologized to me and even the children for being so cold to us.

That night we made crazy love and as I speak, my husband now loves me more than anything and I am so happy about that. I have Daktari Mugwenu to thank for this.

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