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I found my child-hood friend munching my wife

George Odongp



so sad

My name is Andy, and I was married to my wife for two years where we both had one son. During the weekends I would bring four of my friends over at my house where my wife would cook for us a delicious meal as we hanged out and had fun.

My clique of friends was made of my closest buddies; the men I would trust my life with since we knew each other from our younger days especially Edward, who I knew from when I was four years old.

One day, I was coming home from work and I met Edward in my house which was not unusual since he would drop by once in a while. He was watching television together with my wife who was a stay at home mum.

“Hi Andy, I came over to say hi to your family since I got very bored at my house,” he told me.

He stayed over for dinner and after eating, I was super tired from the day’s work and I decided to sleep where I left my wife doing dishes in the kitchen while Edward was watching a movie. His house was not far from mine and so I knew he would leave after the film was over.

I woke up suddenly from sleep at 11pm only to find my wife had not yet come to bed. I left the bed and while on the corridor to the sitting room, I heard some sounds of kisses coming from the living room but on reaching there I found my wife pretending to sleep on one sofa while Edward was on the other.

I asked him why he had not gone home and he said he was enjoying the movie which had just ended. He then said he was leaving and as he was standing up, I noticed his trouser was wide open as if he was from the toilet and he also had smears of my wife’s lipstick on his face.

I thought I was dreaming and while he left, I called my wife to join me in the bedroom. On returning to bed, I could not help but think that the two were caressing each other and stopped when they heard my footsteps.

I could not go back to sleep. I now started wondering if he was coming to my house to steal my wife. After my wife fell into a deep sleep, I took her phone and searched for convos with my childhood friend.

My eyes were almost popping when I found some very intimate chats between my wife and Edward in her phone and I was almost definitely sure that they were probably sleeping together.

The next day, I got into my car, pretending that I was going to work and I drove some few meters from my house and I was so worried. I called my mother and told her of my suspicions. As I was talking to mum, I saw Edward come into my house but he did not see me since my car was parked at a distance.

My mother advised I call Doctor Mugwenu on +254 740637248 and ask him for help to catch them cheating. I decided to call him in that moment and after talking to him he told me he would perform a spell that would glue the two together so I would catch them right in the act.

After speaking to Doctor Mugwenu on phone, I drove back to my house and alighted from my car. As I was walking towards the house, I heard my wife let out a scream. I rushed and stormed into the house only to find the duo under each other while stuck.

They were not expecting me because when they saw me, they almost fainted out of shock. They were in much pain in their stuck position and they started asking for forgiveness. I could not believe my best and child hood friend had disrespected me in such a manner.

Doctor Mugwenu later unstuck the two where I chased them out of my house. A few days later when my anger had subsided, I called my wife and she came and asked for forgiveness while on her knees. I decided to forgive her and we have lived happily since then.

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