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I found my wife kissing with my younger brother who is still in College, I couldn’t believe but see what happened.

George Odongp



kiss the dame

I am Jacob from Kisii and have been married to a beautiful fellow Kisii woman for three years and who has been too faithful to me. We even tied the note just six month after settling down. I never imagined she could cheat on me until something weird happened. I found them myself. This was abomination of the highest order. It was one of my lowest points in marriage.

In details, this is what happened –I had left to my job which was going to take two days before returning home. I am a clearing and forwarding agent along Busia-Uganda Border. Fortunately, I completed my task earlier and decided to come back home since I never like spending away much. I arrived at my home at around 1030PM and, on arrival, I pushed my door wide open only to stumble on a scene that looked like a drama event. My wife was sleeping on the chest of my young brother and moaning in pleasure saying, “Nimepanua na huingizi wewe unajuwa nakuibia hii kitu imechungwa sana na brother yako,” My brother responded, “Songa songa juu kiasi basi,”

I walked back stealthily and closed the door without them noticing. I went checking in my phone book in hurry and called this number +254740637248 of Dr. Mugwenu who is a traditional witchcraft. He asked me to detach from any distraction and remain silent. “You can also get the help you need wherever you are through distance healing” he told me. He added that one of their greatest attributes is distance healing: They will work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. You must be in a quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your body must connect with the healing elements.

Mugwenu does some spells that could make cheating people remain stuck together. He did it so quick and in just two minutes, the two had stuck and started to cry for help. Everyone was awake and crowds milled around my house to see what was happening. I immediately called Mugwenu to thank him. He told me, to teach them a lesson, they should remain stuck for another two hours before he could unlock them.

Mugwenu uses two types of kamti, one to ‘lock’ and the other to ‘unlock’. In any other case, the partner who is being cheated on pays her 48000 to make the unfaithful couple get stuck. Once stuck, it’s the cheater who pays to make Mugwenu ‘unlock’ them.

You can contact this wonderful spell casters at or call +254740637248 and they will respond to your case as soon as possible.

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