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I found my wife sleeping with a catholic priest on our matrimonial bed

George Odongp




My name is Luke and four days ago, I passed by the bar to have one or two drink to calm myself after a long day of work. I was not exactly an alcoholic but I would once in a while have a drink or two to celebrate or relax.

On this particular night, my wife called me and asked me where I was since she was waiting for me and I told her that I was having some beer with some friends and I would only be back home later in the night from 3am. I really had a tough day at work trying to close some deals and I really wanted to let lose.

My friends and I met in the bar, had drinks and were just talking when the lights of the bar went off and we were left in the dark. Efforts by the management to restore lights in the bar did not yield anything. My friends suggested that we go home since the dark conditions were unsafe as thieves would easily rob from us.

I felt so disappointed as I really wanted to have fun that Friday night. But safety came first and I decided to go home. It was around midnight. I drove home where my wife and I lived in an own compound house and by then, our three children were in the village.

On reaching home, I found another car parked Infront of my house and I got so confused because we only had one car in our compound. I asked the gateman whom the car belonged to and he said he did not know.

I walked towards the front door really anxious of what was happening in my house. On listening from the door, I heard moans of sex from my wife and the man she was having sex with.

“Ooh Father George, push harder, I like the way you are fucking me. Kwanza hiyo kitu yako ni tamu sana kuliko ya bwana yangu,” I heard my wife say.

Father George? Our own church priest was having sex with my wife? In my own house? I could not believe it at all! I was even angered by the fact that my wife told him he was sweeter than I was. I was so infuriated. I silently opened the door because I wanted to catch them red handed and give them both a beating.

They were having sex in our matrimonial bed and I was really furious. I kicked open the bedroom door and I immediately found him on top of my wife having sex with her shamelessly.

They both froze to see me because they did not expect to see me. I descended on the priest with blows and kicks asking him to leave my wife alone. As I was beating him, he picked his clothes and ran out of the house. My wife also followed him to his car and they all left, leaving me completely broken.

That scene was so horrifying to me that I fell on the floor and just cried my heart out. I called some of my friends whom I was with in the bar. I narrated how I had found the catholic priest munching my wife on my matrimonial bed. My friends came in my house immediately to comfort me.

“You should see Doctor Mugwenu in order to teach the priest a lesson and to also get your wife back,” one of my friends said.

He told me that Doctor Mugwenu would use his spell casting powers to teach the cleric a lesson such that he would come back asking for forgiveness.

My friends gave me his number and I called him. I narrated the situation to him and he asked me to see him the very next morning. I went to his workplace and he performed the vengeance spell where the priest would be disturbed by plagues, diseases and even acoustic voices ordering him to bring back my wife.

Doctor Mugwenu’s spells work like wild fire because that very night that the priest came to my house with my wife behind him. He looked weird. His skin was peeling off and his manhood looked so huge.

“Please forgive me for taking away your wife. I should not have done that. My whole skin hurts and my manhood is so big and painful as you can see,” he said while crying.

My wife too begged for forgiveness too and they all said they would not repeat the mistake. After a few hours, the priest left the parish to another place. I decided to forgive my wife since I still loved her.

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