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I got a job in America but the embassy declined to give me a visa. This is what I did

George Odongp



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My name is Paul and one month ago, my aunt, who lives in America called me and told me she had gotten me a very plum job in the US in one of the airports and she told me to figure a way to be there in a period of one month or else that opportunity would slip my hands.

I had tried to get a decent job in Kenya and I had not been lucky in any way and I knew that the opportunity my aunt had gotten for me would change my life and give me more money. So, I started plans on how I would get a visa from the embassy and get my passport renewed.

I had also gathered some family and friends with whom we raised the money that I would need for my visa and also my passport. Two days after receiving the call from my aunt,  I went to the American embassy in Nairobi and there were very many people in the office such that I was surprised whether I would be lucky to get the document.

I took a number and unfortunately, that day, I did not get the chance to see any of the officials since the number of people was too much. I decided to go try my luck the next day and the same thing happened. On the third day, my turn came and I was able to see the embassy officials.

I was then given some few forms to fill and told to come a week later to do a test to see if I was intellectual enough to visit their country. They also told me to come with my passport so that they could verify I had all documents.

I then went to the Immigration department and I had a hard time than the time I had in the American offices since there was a huge line in the office and I did not see any hope of getting my passport. Things were really becoming tougher than I had thought.

A week later, I had not gotten my passport and the embassy was waiting for me to give me the test. Unfortunately, they declined to process the test without the passport and they said that I would probably not make it to leave the country.

I went home feeling like I would not make it to go and make my life better with the airport job. I called my aunt and told her that I had been denied the test for the visa and probably I would not make up to go to America.

I narrated to her the struggles I had gone through and how it was hard to get my documents due to the huge que at the immigration offices. My aunt told me not to give up since she had gone through the same struggle but sought help from Doctor Mugwenu who helped her get her visa and passport speedily.

“My son I went through the same struggle when I was preparing to come to the US but after seeing Doctor Mugwenu, I got the documents in three days,” she told me.

She sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and I called him and told him bout my story. He asked me to see him the next day since he would handle all my troubles. I saw him the next day at his workplace he used his spell casting powers to get me favor and recognition with the embassy officials and immigration.

He told me to go to those offices the next day since I would get the visa and a renewed passport.

On reaching the immigration offices the next day, I met with an official entering the gate and after I said hi to him, we exchanged a few words and she asked me to follow her so that she could process my passport. In less than an hour, I had the passport and I rushed to the embassy where I was given the test. I passed it and I was asked to pick my visa within two days. I was able to travel to US with no hurdles on the way and as I write this, I am in the US and very grateful to doctor Mugwenu.

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