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KDRTV News-The dating pool was not favorable for me because for a very long time I couldn’t find myself in a good relationship.Like the saying goes you have to kiss a 100 frogs just to get you a right guy.

2019 was a good year because I finally met a fine guy Mark through one of our mutual friends who introduced us. The first few months the relationship was going well. However, six months later the man started asking for financial assistance from me and for some reason I felt obligated to satisfy all his demands and I could not resist that feeling.

I would constantly pay for his rent after every month even though whenever I wanted to go visit him, he brought up excuses  to mainly avoid  me. He most of the times switch off his phone if I informed him that I was on my way to his place. The funniest thing was that at that point that did not bother me at all.

Idid not resist paying for anything he wanted no matter how broke I was, I  ensured that I pulled strings to give him whatever he asked for.I’d say I spent most of my salary on him than on my family. This was disturbing to both my family and the people around.

One day he texted me saying ‘’Babe please nisaidie kulipa nyumba landlord amenifungia nje for almost two weeks na nmevaa nguo moja since then.’’ I showed the message to my sister and she immediately told me to be so cautious . That statement really disturbed me and so I decided to ask why she warned and she told me she has been my boyfriend and his intention towards me is not genuine. My sister had gone through the same situation with her previous partners and for a moment I felt she was right.She then advised me to see Doctor Mugwenu immediately.

My visit to Doctor Mugwenu was successful. He informed me that the guy did some voodoo on me while I was asleep that helped him to easily extort money from me. He helped do away with the voodoo spell by chanting some incantations to me with my eyes closed I also informed him I needed help finding mself a good partner and he told me to say no more he had just the right man for me. For a moment,I felt like something was lifted off my shoulder.

I went back home not caring about anyone who slept outside for one week and is about to spend his days and nights for the next months.I ended the relationship through a text message. Two days later a guy ,I got a dm on my instagram account of a cute guy who then asked me to meet him.We are now dating and I am so glad he finally help me find the right guy for me.

Doctor Mugwenu helps people who are so lost in this dating pool find themselves loving and caring partners.

Do not let distance deter you from presenting your problem to the greatest daktari. He also handles general problems diseases,getting back love partners,winning court cases,restoring marriages,protection of properties such as land, love issues among others.Contact him through the following;

Email:[email protected]





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