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I heard this voice when I opened my master bedroom, “Toa kidogo akii nipumzike baba nani… he replied, “inateleza kama nyoka”.

George Odongp



To find out that my husband had impregnated my maid who is also my cousin, left me suicidal in the year 2010. I couldn’t understand how that was possible given we loved each other with no quarrels between us.

Further, I played my part fully and was there any time he needed me to be around. I played every role a woman needs to.

It was on Sunday, when I returned from church and found my husband and our house help in the bathroom. It was one of the painful moments in my life. It was a disturbing experience; throwing me into a mild depression.

Firstly, I heard this voice when I opened my master bedroom, “Toa kidogo akii nipumzike baba nani…..toa kwa dakika moja kwanza,” he replied, “Na vile inateleza kama nyoka”.

I was caught in between a rock and a hard place not knowing what next to do. I wanted to move a step forward or a step backwards before something came to my mind that I should let them finish. I then waited silently in my bedroom. Remember they were in my bedroom’s bathroom.

They did that for another 10 minutes which I managed to courageously record the audio using my phone. At one point I would hear the maid say, “Ile siku haikuwa refu hivi mbona leo ni kubwa?” as my husband responded, “Ni vyenye haukuwa umezoea halafu leo bibi yangu pia hakunipa vitu sasa ndio unaona niko na nguvu,”

I almost fainted but God gave me energy which sustained me throughout the 10 minutes ordeal.

When they completed, the first to move out was my bare-chested husband, his eyes met with mine and he started trembling. He even started talking things I had not asked for; just fumbling to himself, confused and not knowing what to say or not. I remained quiet as he moved from end to end. He looked guilty and confused. I had caught him pants down this time. He was cheating with my own cousin who doubles up as our maid.

I went and looked at the bathroom and found the lady still naked and worked out. My husband had worked on her properly. I came back and bid them bye bye. “You can marry that woman I am gone”. He thought I was joking!

I never looked behind, I went back to my mother’s home before my mother took me to a traditional witchdoctor by the name Mugwenu who can lock cheating spouses.

She told me that with Mugwenu, if you are cheating with someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend you don’t need to worry because Mugwenu Doctors’ concoction only works on couples who are legally married.

Cases of cheating lovers getting stuck have been rampant of late, couples who are being cheated on have resorted to witchcraft to bust their sweethearts”.

We approached the healer in his office where he gave me a concoction that would see my husband punished in a short while.

Interestingly in just three days, my husband called on my mobile screaming loud that his private parts were bleeding. When I told Mugwenu about what was happening, he simply responded that no one would die -That a man just like a cat has nine lives.

My husband asked for forgiveness and asked me to come back home promising never to play around with me. He since chased away the maid and today we are happily back.

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