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I stumbled on used TRUSTS in my bedroom! This is what my wife does when I am away. Some things are hard to believe but I overcame it.        

George Odongp



It reached a time when I thought of dropping marriage to come back to bachelorhood. I wanted to be a single parent after prolonged wrangles between me and my ever cheating wife.

The lady who works as a nursing officer in Bungoma has been a devil to my life, she is such person that can cheat as frequent as she can and with anyone around.

One day after returning from Nairobi where I had gone for an official duty, I returned at around 8PM without notice but found my wife in the house, she welcomed me well.

However, when I walked to our bedroom, I stumbled on used Condoms on my way to the bedroom with covers of some used ones scattered all over the floor. She tried to hide them by pushing some under the bed and chairs but I had already seen them. I think she never expected that I would be back home that day.

From the look of things, it was clear that she had just hosted a man few minutes ago, but she was yet to clear the room- My bedroom.

“Why are these things found in my house? I never use these things?” I asked as she fumbled to divert my attention to a different story.

Instead of answering my question, she ran to grab a thermos flask and brought me tea with slices of bread and boiled eggs. She knew that was my favorite food any day after I arrive home.

“Welcome my dear,” she attempted to move me away from the topic but I was already pieced off after seeing those used condoms in my own bedroom. It was one of lowest moment I had never envisaged would happen on me.

I then stood, went straight to the bathroom, took shower and waited next morning when I had to leave early without uttering a word. I did not want to rant.

That was my last time I wanted to see her face not unless she was going to answer my question about the stuffs which I had found scattered all over my room.

In the evening, I never returned home same to the next day when she called through my number, I picked and she sought to know where I was spending nights and simply told her, “Don’t worry its none of your business”.

She thought I was joking but a week elapsed and she increasingly started sending me text messages asking why I was not coming back home.

I was not interested in talking to her since she had refused to answer my questions when I wanted her to.

For me, I am that kind of a person who would run away from problems so that I can have a moment of silent with myself. I did exactly that throwing her in complete confusion. Talk of a psychological warfare.

She struggled to reach to me but was clever never to pick any suspicious call for several weeks until when I decided to punish her alongside the man whom she was cheating with. I baptized them by fire! I reported her to one of the professional herbal doctors by the name Mugwenu who is able to punish cheating spouses.

The traditional doctor in known to solving life challenges, for instance, love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck which is in, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and clears away devilish spirits and nightmares.

He assisted by holding a meeting with me where he told me to sit down on a black skin and splashed some smooth oil on my forehead, before ordering me to go back home.

In a record 6 days, my wife and the man were reported to have been rushed to hospital for diarrhea. I heard that they were in great pain; I knew Mugwenu was working.

When I told the herbalman the situation on the ground he said, “Let them enjoy for two days they will not die. Man has nine lives,”

He then restored their health after the two days and interestingly when they came out of hospital, they had learnt the hard lesson. They called me and asked for forgiveness.

My wife has since transformed and she is very much concern with her family than ever before courtesy of Mugwenu Doctors.

I thank Mugwenu a lot. I would encourage that should you find that things are not working in your marriage as you want them to, just connect with Mugwenu Doctors. Call – +254740637248. Website – Email: [email protected]


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