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“I want us to have a divorce, I do not love you anymore,” My husband told me

George Odongp



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KDRTV-My name is Kate and I was married to my husband for seven years. From our sixth year in marriage, my husband became so pre-occupied with work that he stopped caring about us anymore. We had two young children, a boy and a girl five and three years old respectively.

I tried being submissive to him by loving him, respecting him and even cooking good food for him both in the kitchen and in the bedroom but he did not want me. I don’t know… Everything I did was annoying him. Worse, we stopped having sex. I tried to seduce him into making love to me but he was always saying he was not in the mood.

I even suspected he was cheating and I tried spying on his phone but I did not find any suggestive chats or pictures. He clearly did not want us anymore because he rarely spent time with us. My two children were even noticing their dad’s coldness and were always asking why their dad was not playing with them anymore.

One night after coming home, my husband told me he had been thinking for a long time and he had decided that we should have a divorce since he did not love me anymore.

“I want us to have a divorce. I do not love you anymore. I lost interest with you and I just want to concentrate in my job,” my husband said. As he was talking, tears started flowing down my cheeks and he did not even say sorry.

I cried all night wondering what would happen to me and my children after my husband divorced us. In the morning, I tried talking to him to try and change his mind but he said he had made up his mind.

After he left for work, I called my mother and told her how my marriage had been bumpy and it was even at the verge of breaking. She comforted me and told me to call Doctor Mugwenu on +254 740637248 and ask him for a binding spell so as to regain his love and affection towards me.

I called him and told him all my problems. I cried as I was talking to him because the burden was too big to bear. He told me to calm down because he had a solution for me. I went to see him that day and after I met him at his workplace, he cast the binding spell that would bring back my husband’s love to me.

I then went home, waiting for good news because after I visited Doctor Mugwenu, I was convinced my marriage would rise again.

The next day at night. My husband came home. He had in his hands a bouquet of flowers and when he found me in the kitchen, he knelt and said he was sorry for being mean to me. It was such an emotional moment for us where we cried and he promised to be a better husband and father in our family.

That night we made love like never before. Till this day our marriage is awesome and I have Doctor Mugwenu to thank for this happiness.

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