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KDRTV-We all travel at one given point in our lives. For some, the purpose of travelling is mainly for work while others its either for enjoyment or to see a loved one, family or even a friend. At times long  distance travelling can be boring at times especially when you are alone and so people usually tend to look for a destruction. Some use music or sleep just so they can get through all that distance.

Me on the other hand, I use food as my destruction. I would constantly eat on buses, private cars, uber whether I am travelling for a long or short distance I  ensured that I carried snacks and drinks in my small bagpack.One day, I  was going to visit a friend in Kakamega so I boarded  a matatu from Kisumu.For public vehicles, I normally sat next to the window.

Because travelling on a sunny day is hectic ,I had to leave the wndow open for the fresh and cold air to get inside the vehicle due to the stuffiness of public transport means.With my juice on my right hand and snack on the other, I  ate like a greedy hyena who had been starving for months.

A few minutes in Kakamega town, I  was still eating then suddenly I started experiencing a sharp pain in my stomach.The next thing I  knew I threw up at the bus entrance.There were a lot of good samaritans who carried me to the hospital where the doctor said the pain and vomiting was as a result of something I ate earlier.He gave me painkillers for the pain.

I  went to my friend’s place and I still was having the stomach pain I could not even get anything to go inside my stomach not even water.For three days, I starved unwillingly because my mouth wanted something to eat but my stomach did not.If  dared to eat I would throw up immediately and just lay on the ground helplessly.

I couldn’t go on that way without food so my friend contacted Doctor Mugwenu whom he had heard about through her aunt.We booked an appointment and went to see him the next morning.Doctor Mugwenu asked me when I started experencing the pain.

After I told him everything, he informed me that I was bewitched. Somebody threw voodoo on me by just looking at me while eating at the bus stop.He further said that this only happened to me because as a child, I  wasn’t protected from such people.

So he performed some ritual by putting a mark on my stomach and gave me some herb to drink.The  sharp pain immediately stopped.When I went back home I  picked up from where I had left  my old eating habits because I knew my starving days were over after Doctor Mugwenu’s help.Not everyone outside your walls have good intentions and thus we must protect ourselves.For protection spells for a baby or an elderly person contact Doctor Mugwenu.

He also solves general problems such as wining court cases, love spells, protecton of a family’s property, breaking curses ,dealing with robbers and thieves .He heals diseases such as gonorrhoea, typhoid hypertension, syphyllis among many others.His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

His ability to solve his client’s problems is not limited to whatever location they are in.

Call +254740637248

Email;[email protected]



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