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this is wrong

KDRTV News-There are  some people who go from friends to family really quick .Monica was one of the few friends that I had grown so close to and  fond of. Our friendship begun way back in campus after we found ourselves in the same hostel during our first year.

She used to be my ride or die. We made sure we got each other’s back in times of need. We would walk together to our lectures and people at times referred to us as sisters because they continuously saw us together.Our bond was unbreakable.

After we graduated from campus, we had to part ways because we did not come from the same town but this did not stop us from keeping in touch .She would update me on everything that went on in her life since we completed campus and I would also do the same.

I was lucky enough to secure a job in Kisumu at a government office.Because I was unfamiliar with the place, I sought Monca’s help in seeking accommodation.

Two days later she informed me that she had found a nice place for me to live in and that the landlord was asking for shs.20000 only which covered the first month that also included the deposit. As it is I trusted her with the money and did not hesitate because she was my dearest friend.

The next day I made a follow up but she never answered any of my calls and texts.I even reached out to the brother but all was in vain.The snubbing went on for about two weeks and that is when I realized I had been corned by my best friend that  have known for about 6 years.

Since I could not share the bad news with my parents because they had given me the money as a loan, and also I knew they would be so disappointed I decided to reach out to my aunt who immediately told me to visit Doctor Mugwenu at his workplace for a much more quick and convenient solution.

The next day we visited doctor Mugwenu and he told me to give him a picture of Monica.Luckily I had one and issued it to him.He performed a spell using the picture speaking saying, “Return the money that you stole from your friend or else you will face the consequences”.As we left his workplace he assured me that I will surely here from my Monica by tomorrow.

The next day Monica called me at 6pm saying,”I am so sorry I stole from you,My brother urged me to do so so that we could help settle some debts we owed people, I haven’t been able to sleep the whole night because I felt like somebody was choking me any time I tried to close my eyes demanding that I return the money by tomorrow or face the consequences.I will come up with the money however I can by tomorrow and I promise not to mess with you any other day.”

To my full surprise,Monica returned Kshs.20,000 with 500 as an inclusive of all the troubles she caused me.

I highly recommend Doctor Mugwenu to anyone who has ever been conned to visit him because he offers fast solution unlike the authorities that would take months or years to carry out an investigation for you to be assisted.To individuals who are experiencing love issues,inability to make love to your partner,business hardships,promotions at work,winning court cases,healing diseases such as diabetes,high blood pressure can visit him or reach him through the following.

For any enquires or need to be assisted

Call +254740637248

Email:[email protected]

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There is no problem that Doctor Mugwenu has no solution for,his casting powers are remarkable and true.







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