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sad really sad
sad really sad

The dream of every man and woman getting into marriage is to have a child, not just a child! But
children, who they are happiness in a family, and some respect accompanied by it, every woman
would wish to have as many children as she wish. Bareness has been a challenge in many
marriages, leading to break-ups and leaving some other couples with as many questions as they
can’t manage to answer, while others stigmatized. Do not worry yourself, speak-up about it and
you will be helped. I went through the problem of not having the ability to conceive but I am
currently expectant thanks to the only herbal doctor whom I only recognize as qualified among
herbal doctors, kiwanga doctors. Visit their website for more
information but before that here is my story from grass to grace.
My name is Josephine 40 years of age now. I have been in marriage for 20years now. Despite the
challenges I faced, I am still in my marriage with my lovely husband whom I adore and respect
very much for his understanding and respect towards women. Why do I say that, he never gave
up on me for all those years we have been in marriage. We had dated for a better time to
understand our self-better before marriage while we were still in college. When we felt we were
ready for marriage we informed our parents about it, thereafter we were given a go ahead, a
colorful and expensive wedding followed thereafter. Then we settled for the family, as we all
know in an African society the purpose of marriage is primarily for procreation and each and
every couple are expected to have children a few years in marriage. To our case that was ironical
to our expectations, we were in marriage for three years but I had never conceived. I was always
in thoughts left wondering what was happening to us. Why Us. After all those years of wedding
and the expensive wedding that we had just done a few years before, I was left wondering if I
was the problem or was it my husband, because we had at several times tried to get a child, but
nothing came up. I wondered what was up. I was experiencing my monthly periods, my husband
too was ejaculating as expected at bed times. I really wondered why I was unable to conceive.
Due to the pressure that was piling up, from my mother-in-law why I was not getting pregnant, I
came to a conclusion that I was leaving the marriage and stay solo, but my husband could not
just let me go. He was a really believer in Christianity and he always told me that the right time
for me conceiving was coming, and that I should not listen to what people say about us. We kept
praying day in day out, tried it out but nothing happened. I had given up. We visited a hospital
and asked the doctors why we could not give birth. The doctors mentioned I was the one with the
problem and that they would treat it. I was placed under medication for a period of three months,
thereafter I was informed I was ready to conceive but when I tried it out nothing happened. I
never got a chance to conceive.
I had given-up when a family friend visited, and talked to me about kiwanga doctors, herbal
doctors with capability to solve bareness. I booked an appointment and the following day met
doctor Kiwanga. I was given herbal medication and asked to try out, we decided to try and in
three weeks’ time I started to notice pregnancy symptoms. when I went for a pregnancy test I
was confirmed to be pregnant. Thanks to kiwanga doctors. Doctor kiwanga also deal in treating
of diseases like Pneumonia, High blood pressure among others. They also cast real and genuine
spells in the world like Money spell, Success spell among other spells.
For consultation Call: +254 769404965 / E-mail: or visit the website

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