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KDRTV-Eunice Anyango from Kisumu county was married to Omondi a wealthy man. She one day received a phone call while she was at work from the Referral hospital of Kisumu informing her of her husband’s demise. That was the most devastating and sad news she heard that day. Eunice immediately informed his family to make preparations for his burial.

In most funerals, small disputes are likely to cause a lot of chaos.Eunice mother in -law stood up to give a speech about his deceased son but she instead shouted at Eunice calling her all sorts of names accusing Eunice of killing her son.

‘’My husband’s brothers  chased me out of the homestead right at my own husband’s burial and at the same time called me a murderer infront of my innocent kids. I was not given the decency to mourn and burry him one last time.’’ said Eunice sadly. As if that was not enough, they confisticated everything that her deceased husband left behind for her and nearly left her broke.

Several weeks later, she sued the husband’s family and a court order was issued to them demanding that they appear in court.The case was presented to a judge and it took the judge several months to finally announce her ruling day.

Mercy one of Eunice’s closest friend was present in every hearing and she saw how things went.She advised her two days before the ruling saying,

‘’My dear you need to go and see the famous Doctor Mugwenu  before any ruling is made.You cannot just rely on luck.These people are rich and they will do anything just so the ruling favours them.Kua mjanja.’’

She gave her doctor Mugwenu’s contact and Eunice called to set up an appointment.The following day, she went to see him and he gave her a piece of white clothe to carry to court on the day of the ruling.

She did as she was told  and surprisingly ,the judge ruled in favour of her.He gave the family a one week deadline to ensure that they return everything that they took from Eunice unwillingly.Victory was on her side finally.

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