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My name is Tamara, my boyfriend and I dated for 7 years. That period of time, he had completely gained my trust after giving me no reason to doubt him over the years. One day he came by to my place and told me of some business idea he was discussing with a few of his friends.


The business required a sum of shs40,000. He claimed that his friends had no money yet but they would invest later that month once the business flourishes. He was able to convince me into investing a sum of shs. 20,000 after he claimed that we would be investing in something that belonged to the two of us.


Since I had a few saved up cash on my bank account, I decided to withdraw shs 20,000 to hand it to him for us to start the business immediately. After handing over the money to him, he claimed that he had to travel to Nairobi to handle a few formalities so as to finally open up the business.


However, that was the last time I ever saw or heard of him. My calls were not going through and his family claimed that they also haven’t heard from him. At first I did not want to think that he had disappeared with my money but after several weeks of nothing, I decided to find him and get back my money.


My effort to report the matter to the police was in vain and so one of my aunt advised me to seek Doctor Mugwenu help. She claimed that his way of solving problems was much more quicker than the police. I immediately made a call to him through his phone +254740637248 to book an appointment to see him. He instructed me to carry with me anything that belonged to my boyfriend for the spell to work.


The following day I went to see him with my boyfriend’s shirt. He then perfomed a few rituals on the shirt as he enchanted a few words commanding him to return the money as soon as possible. After that he handed me the shirt and I went back home.


That evening, my boyfriend showed up with the money at my doorstep crying that someone has been whipping him that day commanding him to return my money. He then handed me the whole amount and apologized for causing me any inconveniences. After that he swored never to repeat it again.



Doctor Mugwenu says that his spell casting powers works within 24 hours. He handles general problems like helping one get rich, protection of a family’s property like land, enhances failing businesses,wining court cases, saving marriages, stops cheating in relationships.


His expertise in mixting herbs helps in healing diseases such as typhoid, syphyllis, gonorrhoea, epilepsy among many others.


He also genuinely cast away evil spirits, get rid of bad scary dreams, breaking voodoo spells.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

For more information and enquries you can reach him through:


Email:[email protected]

Or visit his website:http//





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