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Is a Man a public property asks a bitter woman

George Odongp



Public property

My name is Susan and nimekuja kujua hakuna kitu cha uma kama finding out your husband is sleeping with someone especially much less a woman in your neighbourhoor.

I know it hurts because three weeks ago, I busted my husband having sex with our next door neighbour. Kitu ata ya kushangaza nivenye alikua akiniambia anapenda huyo dada kama sister yake, kumbe he was having ulterior motives.

What happened is that I went to church, on a Sunday, told my husband I would be back later than usual since we were visiting a church member who was not feeling well. My husband was not a regular church goer and sometimes I would leave him on the house and some other Sundays he would accompany me.

I left for the church service and afterwards, it was announced that the visit to the sick church member had been postponed to a later time since he had been rushed to hospital when his situation got worse. We prayed for him and we went home. I tried calling my husband to tell him I would be home earlier he did not pick up.

I just decided to walk home without telling him since he was completely not picking. On reaching home, I was shocked to be met by a scene I will never forget. My house was in the far corner of the building and I as I was walking towards the house, I heard loud moans of pleasure coming from my house.

Some sex was definitely going on in there. I rushed because the moans were really loud. On reaching, I heard my husband tell the woman he was fucking that she was sweeter and more fun than me.

“ You are so sweet, napenda ku have sex na wewe coz you are more fun than my wife,” my husband said. I was so shaken. I could not believe he was munching someone in our home. For a moment I stood outside listening to them and my heart sunk.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks and all of a sudden, I heard a strong rage rise within me and I immediately opened the door and went to the sitting room where they were having their sexual adventures and I was met by another shock. He was having sex with the next door neighbor, Lucy, who was an unmarried woman. I was so enraged and I immediately descended on her with slaps telling her to stay away from my husband.

What was more disappointing was the fact that my husband defended her and told me to stay away from her. Guess what? They wore their clothes and left me. They went to the neighbour’s house to finish what they had started.

I closed myself in the house and cried helplessly. That was the worst day of my life. Two hours later, I called a lady from the church asking her for advice on how to handle the issue and she told me to seek the services of Doctor Mugwenu who would help me get my husband back.

She sent me his number and I called him. I narrated to him my marital woes and he told me to meet him the next day. We met and he cast love spells and plagues to that woman who had snatched my husband from me. Further, he assured me the spells would work in less than 24 hours.

On Monday morning. That lady came to me and said she was sorry for disrespecting me and my marriage.

“Pole Susan, sitarudia tena kumchukua mume wako. Sahii matiti yangu imekua kubwa kupita kiasi ona ata siwezi vaa nguo zangu, nisamehe,” she begged. I told her to ensure my husband was back to my house so that I could forgive her. My husband came and he also said he was sorry.

I forgave them but asked Lucy to relocate. Now, though I am still healing from the ordeal, I am happy my marriage is getting back on its feet.

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